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Looking for a good Service in the West Melb..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ovi, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Hi ALL

    I live in the west of Melbourne and im looking for somewhere to service my Kawasaki 250 KL SuperSherpa
  2. Someone asked about a Kwaka service in the western suburbs only a couple of days ago and Race Replica (click on the name for the link) was recommended by some. Those who recommended them, Robsalvv (and I can't remember who else), tend to give good advice so I'd definitely consider it or go with that if I was in your shoes.
  3. Thank you!

    Thank you for your help !

    Yea that was me asking before as well ..

    Thanks you very much anyway !
  4. Sis from SJAY Motorcycles 9338 2523 9A carrick drive tullamarine. He is an absolute gun and wont rip you off. tell him Tom with the TLR sent you and you will get looked after really well. He has worked with the best of them (Balls.. R.I.P) and has always done well by people. He is even open till late (7.30 - 8pm).
  5. Race Replica are a good mob.
  6. oh you mean for the bike?
    I thought I was on the wrong forum. :shock:
  7. Yours isnt that shiney blue one that was residing there for a while?

    sis is a mad dog, not many mechanics work past dinner time to get your bike done.

    I would recommend him to anyone, don't be turned off by his initial cold approach tho (especially when you call from private number!)
  8. Hey Davey.. yeah mate mine was the silver with all the blue airbrushing moons over it.. Was there for about 2 months getting a few mods done. but now its running like a beast its supposed to be.. cant keep the front wheel down.. :LOL:

    He is an absolute gun. yeah he can be cold as he has so many time wasters turn up there and ask him a million questions and ask for quotes then walk away after he has done all the running around.