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Looking for a good rider rehabilitation cause

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. For those of you who have heard of George and Charis Schwarz they have almost finished selling their book. George and Charis are the couple now in their 70's who recently wrote a book about riding around the world 40 years ago from which ALL proceeds will go to a worthy cause related to riding. They still ride everywhere two-up on the same bike they have ridden for 44 years - the bike they took around the world! I had the pleasure of working the MCC stand at the bike show with George and he is a brilliant bloke.

    Once they have sold all of them(about 20 left out of 1000), they will donate the money but they don't know what to donate it to. So they are looking for ideas and the MCC is trying to help out. The only rules are that it has to be related to helping riders recuperate after accidents and that it has to have something to do with St Vincents hospital in Sydney, mainly because St Vinnies allowed them to sell their book in their lobby since the beginning and it isn't a huge sum of money(I'm guessing maybe $30-40K). So what we are looking for is someone with a knowledge of the medical administration apparatus and/or rehabilitation services available that may have some ideas on how best to help get riders back on their feet.

    Part of the problem that the MCC is hearing about and is taking an interest in is that many riders, but especially single male riders, who have an accident and lose mobility can suffer severe depression and even become suicidal. Even before that stage, people living on their own with limited family/friends can really struggle to even get the shopping done when laid up at home. This is one area that could be targeted by this money. It won't be a huge sum so it has to be a smart way to spend it which is why we are trying to canvas as many people as possible who work in the industry and see this sort of thing everyday. Hopefully you have seen where there is some real hurt and where St Vinnies(note the money won't be going to the hospital, just used there) may be able to help out riders following an accident.

    All ideas will be gratefully received. Some of the ideas raised at the meeting by those present included a short duration home help scheme for the first few weeks at home to help out with basics like doing the shopping, bringing in the mail etc. Mainly because apparently there are schemes for longer-term help but if you are going to be right in a month or so, there isn't anything and life can become hell for a while. Other ideas included psychological support services tailored to riders post-accident, especially if you are permanently disabled.

    Open for discussion or PM me any ideas you have and I will pass them onto the MCC.
  2. frpom the perspective of a cripple;

    there are 2 things they can do.

    1) give cash to those who must rely on pension. they REALLY need it, that's partly why they are depressed.

    2) the best thing you can do for an accident victim is provide them with the info they are going to need.

    who's a good dr?

    who are the bad drs?


    as far as depression goes a psychiatrists are hopeless.

    i go to the 'intuative well' in bronte for my inner peace needs.

    kerry higgins does 'channeling' which means that she can talk to her subcon, which talks to your sub which answers questions that kerry repeats. she's on the money and a great guide. buy em an appointment with her. its the kind of thing everyone will find helpful but not pay for themselves without giving it a go to see what it's like.


    she has a 3 month waiting list. i see her once a month. $132.00

  3. do you know where we could buy one of the remaining books from? anywhere in melbourne??
  4. Wasn't sure myself so I did a bit of research and look what I found....

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