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looking for a good profile/pic tattoist

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. looking to get an " in memory" tat done , must be able to work of a pic

  2. This artist is highly recommended:

  3. IF you can handle their waiting list, trevor mcstay's Dynamic tattoo is pretty good http://www.dynamictattoo.com/main_artists.htm Check the diff artists to see whose work you prefer.

    I moved to Geelong recently back from melb but and have never been tattooed in melb just by the shop I worked at (plus guest artists from overseas etc, about 100-150 hours I guesstimate) so I only REALLY have intimate knowledge of geelong people. Since moving back, I've been getting 5-7 hours each sitting now, got spiderman + pinhead (from hellraiser - 9 days ago, almost healed) + more to finish off my left leg sleeve.. Finally after an 11ish year hiatus heh

    Spidey http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/6642/27072010363.jpg

    Here's the pinhead http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/1640/pinheadf.jpg Taken on day of work so the colours haven't "gone into" the skin, it will look better once it's 100% healed as it's going to end up the way we want it, better look for the colours :)

    Both done at by Terry @ jinxproof tattoos in Geelong
  4. Too bad you're in Melbs, my guy is a ****ing gun.
    Mick Medusa @ bondi ink.

    I only get work from that guy.

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  5. I know a good artist.
    James Brown in Rye down the coast.
  6. Matto at Fox Body Art or Marshall at Third Eye
  7. That is a shocking effort!
  8. +11111111111110000000000000000000000

    While I don't have tat's I've seen his work, unbelievably brilliant work...

    Anyone from Melb who's met french Mel, Marshall did the heart in the center of her chest, muscle fibers and all...
  9. Have seen that pic so many times and I still feel so sorry for the guy every time I see it...
    Looks like his poor wife passed away and he got some idiot who tattooed teeth in...Never do the teeth! ](*,) Poor guy.
  10. I would vote for Sarah at Dynamic. She's an awesome portrait artist, but if my sources are correct, she's left Australia now and is no longer with them.

    Edit: My mistake, that would have been Sara Melder, not Sarah. Still stands though, as far as I know she's left the country. Bog disappointment, by all accounts she was the best portrait artist in the country.
  11. Holy crap that's amazing work
  12. http://www.myspace.com/thirdeyetattoo/photos/albums/marshalls-tattoos-and-art/687177?page=1

    Some of Marshall's work. I think he is OS at the moment (not for much longer though) but I'm led to believe it's a pretty long waiting list to see him (about 1 year ago he had a 6 month waitng list).
  13. He in Rye now? he did one of mine years back when he was at splash of colour.

    A good portrait artist is my tattooists wife ( trinity) down at sideshow tattoos in Acsovale, ive seen her stuff, its very good.
  14. If you haven't, you need to see the original gothic black wash master, Paul Booth's stuff. i.e


    And just google paul booth and/or look at his dark images website http://www.darkimages.com/artists/index.html, he's been doing that work for almost 20 years. Amazing stuff! He almost came to work at the studio I was working at mid 90s, god it would have been awesome to get work from him!

    And who says you can't tattoo white teeth ;)

  15. Looks like a women on the roids..... :(
  16. Yeah small shop down Rye way. He did mine.
  17. Wolf Tattoo on Brighton Road (St Kilda) pretty good
  18. Touche!
  19. I've got a mate that has had heaps of coverage done by Mick Hayes at the Beaconsfield Purple Haze Tattooz and all of the completed work I've seen has been awesome!

    The attached pic is an "in memory" tatt done by Mick Hayes at the Beaconsfield Purple Hayes Tattooz

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