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Looking for a fzx250 zeal service manual

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, May 23, 2009.

  1. Can anybody help me with tracking one down.
    I've looked on the net and on this site but so far no luck.
    I would like to do the basic maintenance myself so the manual will be a huge help.

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  3. Thanks for the link much appreciated.
  4. Hi Oscar,

    Below is a link to the Yamaha FZX250 Zeal Owners Manual.
    Also, if you provide me with an email address I can send you parts diagrams for the bike which are great for referring to while servicing.


    Additional, I am currently creating a forum dedicated to the Zeal. Unfortunately I plan to keep registrations disabled however you will still be able to access downloads, information, history, specification as well as owners manuals and parts diagrams with part descriptions (working on it), maintenance techniques and lists of generic parts which can be used on the Zeal to save owners money considering OEM is absurdly expensive. I also plan to create a sub-forum devoted to parts which are available at Australian wreckers in case owners are finding it difficult located a particular part. Registrations will open sometime in the future but it will be for only a section of the board where you may request help where other members and guests may respond e.g. repair related. Plus much much more...

    Forum: http://yamahazeal.proboards.com/index.cgi?

    In regards to a service manual, only japanese version were released for the Zeal. I have a Japanese version of the service manual and luckily I have a Jap friend from University who has agreed to assist translating the manual (few hours a week) therefore it will not be long until we have an excellent service manual with original illustrations and cover.

    Hope it helps.

  5. Thanks for the links Zealous, it'll be great having a dedicated forum for Zeal owners and I'm sure once it's up and running I'll be a regular user.

    I'll PM you my email for those parts diagrams you mentioned, that'll be a big help.
  6. Just bought a '99 Zeal today from a local dealer, but it didn't come with a manual, so thanks for the link to the handbook Zealous. I'm sure I'll be a regular on your Zeal forum too when it's live.
  7. Hi Zealous,

    I was going to print the manual that I downloaded from the link you provided, but discovered that printing in the pdf file has been disabled. I don't supppose you (or anyone) has a version that can be printed. I don't find it very convenient to have my laptop in the garage when pulling apart bike bits :)


  8. No problem, I'll post a link here to the modified manual when I've removed the printing restriction.

    Site should be up and running soon guys, I've added invaluable information which you will find both fascinating and informative - particularly regarding the Zeals' history.
  9. Thanks Zealous, can't wait.
  10. Please, give me the link to the service manual for FZX 250, or send it to my mail (fj.l.fj.l.fj@gmail.com). Japanese version is good too.
  11. Legend!
    Been wanting a manual like tis for 2 years!
    Thanks Zealous!
  12. I need to know the dimensions of the dosaging needls in carburators and two main jets, who can help me?
  13. They run a 425main jet
    125pilot jet
    there is only 1 needle availble from yamaha and it part number is 3YX-1490J-20
    you may find if you bike is running rough (& rich) the needles may have worn into the needle nozzles (part number 3YX-14141-34)
  14. Thanks, but i don't need part number, i need the dimension - there are needles 5CL2 in my carb and i think, that there must be another type of needles.
    Are you sure about jets??!! I have 90 and 47,5.
  15. Hey fellow Zeal owners,

    Here's a few items Zeal owners have requested, I apologise for the delay but I've been quite busy. I plan to get around to answering PM's and also the forum should be up and ready by Feb 2011.

    Firstly, a printable Zeal Owner's Manual:


    Zeal Wiring Diagram:


    Mikuni BDST26 (Zeal Carbs) Info:


    Hope it helps.

    P.S.. still working on translated service manual.
  16. Excellent stuff. I am getting by with the FZR400 workshop manual at the moment but lots of the part numbers are different for the Zeal, which can make it a bit tricky to get even simple stuff like cables.

    Thanks Zealous
  17. I have a solution to your problem. I am soon to finish quite a large PDF document containing large, clear and complete parts diagrams with corresponding description and part numbers.

    The same as the document I released last time, but now it's rather like a Parts Disc you would purchase from your local motorcycle shop, only this one is in English and has the appropriate part no. to take in to your local Yamaha dealer when required.

    Give me till Feb 2011 until I open the Zeal forums and I'll get that to you guys. It's going to take a little longer to edit some of the descriptions and validate them due to a few still not yet translated.

    I'm waiting to get together with a friend who also owns a Zeal, and conveniently can speak and read Japanese fluently. This same person is assisting in translating the official workshop manual which I've been working on translating since 2007.

    We will get there, it's just a matter of time before we will have the appropriate information required to correctly maintain and fix our little Zeals of joy.

    Zeal-on hehe


    P.S. Here's something worth looking at: http://translate.googleusercontent....com.au&usg=ALkJrhhgh9vKUMChpRgmFs081lVxZW3Opg

    It takes a bit to load but you'll find it interesting.
  18. hhhmm have no idea what the text says, being in Japanese but it seems to be a series of photos from a guy who made a foam air filter for his Zeal, but then there are some photos of a multimeter, no idea what was happening there
  19. Yeah it's a shame that text didn't load to English, it did on my end. It's amusing that blog because the filter was sucked into the carbs. I'll get the other photos of the aftermath once I find out how I initially translated that particular blog page.
  20. Any chance you have translated the bit about the clutch cable?

    I am looking for a clutch cable for my Zeal by can't track down the part number anywhere, I have spent hours pouring over microfiche online but no joy