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Looking for a Engineer

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. As the topic says do we have any electrical or hydraulic engineers here?

    I am looking to build myself a small and compact motor, need only to rotate around 90 degrees and back again, needs to be small and light weight but must be string enough to rotate about 5kg of weight. Anyone think they can help me out or point me in the right direction.

    Would rather not go into details about it on the forum at this stage but it is for a good cause. :)

    cheers stewy
  2. Automated beverage holder?
  3. Interesting...

    I'd never thought about hydraulics to flip a number plate up, before.

    It's the perfect control: hand operate a lever, just like the braking system, have it against a spring or something, and simply release the lever to allow the plate to lower back down again.

    And you don't have to mess around with electrics, servo's or actuators.

    I shall perform an informal feasability study...
  4. I dunno Ktoolz, I doubt I'd be interested in losing a hand to a lever that wasn't clutch or brakes when the chase is on!
  5. You sure there's nothing available commercially that'll do the job? I believe there are some pretty grunty little stepper motors now on the market for CNC purposes.

    Alternatively, you might want to consider air actuation. Again, suitable cylinders are available commercially, although you'd then need to sort a compressor to run it (or a bottle if a total loss system is acceptable). Thinking outside the box on this one, I remember reading that nitrous was actually better for such a T/L system, allowing you to get several times the number of actuations for a given storage volume.

    Can't offer engineering expertise I'm afraid. Not my area. Best of luck though.
  6. Stewy, I know just the man, but he lives in Laidley, Qld.

    I suspect that I know what you are up to. If I am right, it will not be easy, but is acheivable.
  7. the thread title drew me in!

    not sure if youll find a compact electric actuator that could shift 5kg easily with a low power drain (i'm assuming you want to mount it on a bike?).

    hydraulic is probably the way to go. it would be a piece of cake to make one up and you'd end up with something much more robust than an electrical system.

    (this is comming from a mech engy. steer clear of the lekies, strange bunch they are.)
  8. FEBs! :grin:
  9. thanks guys, sent couple of pm's

    Cheers stewy :)
  10. im cuuuurrrriiiiioooussss now :grin:
  11. If that was his real intention then I'm sure he would of thought of using that specialLCD glass as a number plate cover ;) . You know the stuff that goes opaque when a small electric current is applied to it. I havent checked the specs for the glass but it might even run off a 9v battery if he is lucky, meaning the whole system could be clipped on or off at a moments notice if need be.
  12. What you want Stewy is a Rotary Solenoid if you only want two positions. Power on it moves to one position and power off a spring returns it to the rest position.


    5 kg though is a reasonable weight to accelerate and stop again so if the time taken to open and close is not an issue a geared down electric DC motor may be a better option.

    Farnell Electric Motors

    Note you will do better in price than Farnell but they will deliver to your door generally overnight.

  13. Flesh Eating Bacteria?
  14. It's, erm...
    'Friendly' Electrical 'Buddies'. ;)
  15. Just an idea... would this not be best done through reduction gearing, that way you could get away with a lighter and less powerful motor... :)
  16. i started designing such a system some time ago... then i figured i'd wait till i upgraded to a bike i'm going to keep longer when off restrictions...

    that and this is a shit load cheaper...


  17. aftermarket central locking solenoid? pretty strong, 12volt