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looking for a decent mechanic in Inner West Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mattw, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    can anyone recommend a mechanic in the Inner West?
    I'm sick of shite service and rip off merchants!


  2. I only know of MAW and some other guy down the road from them in Castle hill.

    Sorry, GL with the search.
  3. Lloyd Penn in Artarmon are really good, just took my bike their for a service now runs really well and they loacted the annoying intermittent fault I have.
  4. Im also looking for one So guys let us know. Any recommendations?
  5. Inner west, only one I've heard anything about is Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers.

    23 Euston Rd
    Alexandria 2015
    NSW Australia

    No personal experience though, and I can only recall one good review, but no bad reviews.
  6. Close Motorcycles in Redfern - cnr Regent & Cleveland Streets.

    I bought my bike from them and no complaints there. With regard to services I can't vouch for them yet but I am due for a service v soon so I will post my thought afterwards - maybe next few weeks.
  7. Well I had a good service done at Close recently. I don't know much about bikes but my bike felt better afterwards and their price was good.

    I started a thread giving them a thumbs up and someone else responded giving them the thumbs down (and then the thread was deleted)... so all I can say is they did things right by me.
  8. You better ask chrissie about these guys they've had her bike for quite a while now, and she is still waiting :( :evil:
  9. Just called Close at Redfern to book my bike for a service/rego inspection

    They don't do rego inspections. (?why not)

    They ummed and ahhed about servicing my bike because it's a 1989 and they only do 1990 onwards. They finally decided they'd do it for me but I called back and cancelled because if I'm spending money I don't want to be made to feel like I am intruding.

    My car mechanic at Leichhardt will do my rego :)

    I will probably do much of my own servicing from here.
  10. Everything in the inner west is a rip off, haven't you figured that out yet!?
    When I lived there, I bought NOTHING from any businesses there, just so damn expensive for no reason! And the attitudes, like they were doing YOU a favour by selling you stuff.
    I used to shop at Gladesville for groceries for example.
    I'd recommend travelling somewhere to get reasonable service and prices.

    Regards, Andrew.