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Looking for a decent mechanic around nunwading

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by siddant, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    I have got a kawasaki zx2r in need of a service. Can anyone recommend a decent mechanic around nunawading please.

    Also the last time i tried to source a rear tyre for the zx2r i failed. Anyone know of places where I can get them as well please.

  2. Tyres,

    <------ Look for the banner on the left Treads n things they are behind Peter Stevens.

    Mechanic, there are too many to mention, Melbourne motorcycle repairs, look out for their banner up the top of the page.
  3. Thanks :); gona try melb motorcycle repairs.
    They seem to sell tread too. so two birds in one shot.

  4. Need someone else

    So I called the number from melbourne motorcycle repairs and left a message. Nothing happened.
    So I send a email and got a reply saying I will be given a call the morning after which was Friday and Friday, Saturday, Sunday went past.

    I called today three times ; left a message once and nothing .

    Its 12:27PM and I really cant wait days on end.

    Can someone please advice on other places that I could try.

  5. Try Dynoverks, they do both mechanical and tyres.

    DYNOVERKS PTY LTD 9887-1655
    2/62 Wadhurst Drive
    Boronia 3155
    Victoria, Australia

    Pablo's have a good range of tyres too.

    Factory 2, 16 Rosemary Court, Mulgrave Vic.3170
    Ph: (03) 9561 5522
  6. mick hone in box hill is good but it can take a while to get booked in.
    I've been treated well at 1300 kawasaki in ringwood.
  7. Give high octane motorcycles a call in thomastown :grin:
  8. thanks for all the posts everyone.
    i have booked in with Drew from rolling motorcycle repairs and will post up a review if thats allowed once i get my service done.

    thanks again for al the posts
  9. Good mechanics...

    InTune motorcycles in Ringwood... Usually open till 6:30pm.


    Easter Motorcycle Wreckers...

    PM me for full details.

    If you decide to take it to InTune motorcycles tell him "Farzad" refered you to him. He is a mate of mine and he has a WIDE range of tyres.
  10. +1 for Intune, have tried everyone in the Ringwood area and apart from AI he is the only one that hasnt stuffed something up sooner or later.

    The worst (but by no means the least) was, one other (just around the corner and mentioned above) once gave me the bike back after a major service with both the front brake and clutch reservoir lids undone. There was brake fluid all over the bike before the first set of lights. Same place stuffed up another two times and then I moved on.