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Looking for a commuter for about $3K or a touch over

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mmamster, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Any thoughts people?

    I have a GSXR600 k7 for track use and for the hills so this is strictly a means of transport.

    I will want to stick a top box or gear sack on it to carry work papers (say about 4 folders) and a lap top.

    My daily commute is 13 km each way with max speed limit 80 km/h on an 8 lane hwy (Nepean).

    Open to a scooter or a bike.

    Looking for economical running/service costs that no one will want to steal.


  2. ER 5, GS500, Hornet 600, but yeah a scoot could be the go.
  3. Thanks - I have seen a 98 cb600 hornet for about $4k, looks ok.

    Any tips on what scooter? There are so @#$%^! many of them that I don't really know the market. I would want a 250 is possible because of my size (100kg) and to give some acceleration.
  4. Neither do I, scoots are, well, none of my business really :LOL:
  5. we have a honda lead for commuting. only just does 80 so it might be a bit slow for you. my wife has a 250 burgman that is quicker but its a fair size.
  6. $4k budget? 80's Kawasaki Z. Spend teh remaining $2500 on topboxes and accesories, tyres, maintenence and a year's worth of fuel.
    Parts are as cheap (or cheaper) as anything else, readily available, bikes are bomb proof and simple to maintain. 80+k kms on one is nothing either.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Thanks, keep the ideas coming! Am checking out prices as you suggest them.
  8. I'm currently riding a Yamaha Scorpio. $3990 on the road new. There was one in our local paper a couple of weeks ago with 2K on the clock for a bit over $3000. It's a bit retro but does have centrestand, electric and kickstart and fuel gauge. Mine's doing about 2.8L/100Km.
  9. I recommend the solid late 90's 250cc commuter. CB250, GN250, Virago. There are lots of CB's around fitted with racks and bags. No one steals these bikes.
  10. A twin cylinder bike will be cheaper to run than a 4 cylinder bike like a Hornet 600.

    I'd suggest a GS500 or an ER5, but a non sports 250 would do the job fine as well... maybe a GPX250.
  11. At my work there are various XT & DR 250s/600s.I'm sticking with my Aprilia Caponord 1000 as I do the odd trip outa town otherwise I might consider a big DR.I have a Givi E450 topbox fitted too.Its the best $360 I've ever spent. :grin:
    Anyway no one here knows what the Caponord is too:LOL: so it'll never get stolen :LOL:
  12. XT 250 looks like a good value option.
  13. I found my TTR250 had amazingly good fuel consumption, but quite uncomfortable on the road compared to a road bike.

    I think the new 200cc single cylinder road bikes I'm looking to bring into the country, will have the amazing economy and a decent amount of road feel.

    for around the 3k mark, looks pretty awesome, if u are into CBR RR type looks...
  14. Agree.
    i love my hornet
    but it sucks all the fuel out of adelaide.
  15. Or on a similar theme a Suzuki GS650G - also extremely reliable and has the advantage of being shaft drive.
  16. Details?

    Incidentally I test rode a VTR250 the other day and hated it. Compared to the Gixxer600 it felt completely unsafe in steering, brakes and suspension.

    I'm going to try a 150 and 200 cc scooter next week.

    Also a 98 600 cc hornet that is $3900 second hand.
  17. Doubt you will get much joy out of a scooter if you didn't like the step down to the VTR.

    Are you sure it was a VTR? Must have been a POS.

    Edit. Out of your price range anyway.
  18. Postie?

    Seriously, a bloke on a postie regularly beats me over about 20 kms of my 40 km commute. Said 20 kms is mostly 80-100 limited but has a few traffic lights. If the roads are clear, I get ahead, but if there's any traffic hold-ups at all, this guy comes rattling past and disappears into the distance.

    Can't work out how he does it. Must have a teleport mechanism in the milk crate strapped to the carrier :grin: .

    Otherwise, +1 to the 80s UJM suggestions.
  19. 1980s dirt bike! :)
  20. Think you are right about a scoot, but I have to give it a try or my wallet may never forgive me. Am also looking at a Japanese UJM, test riding one listed in the classifieds on this site on Sunday (GSXF750).