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Looking for a club?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by donski1, May 12, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm a brand new biker chick. I've just got my l's (a month ago) and an old rust bucket CB250. I'm already dreaming about what my next bike might be. I'm doing pretty much all of my commuting on the bike and love it to bits.
    I am keen to join a club so that I can go on a few social rides, expand my skills, learn off others etc. Not of my geographically close friends are riders, so I'm a bit on my own.
    Whilst I think they are a great idea, I'm not particularly after a female only club. I'm mid 30s, live in Kensington - Melbourne.
    I have heard of Preston and Williamstown m'cycle clubs, but couldn't find them on the links page.
    Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations for me?

  2. hey there, welcome......and this is the club for you!

    altho i'm sure there are others out there too
  3. where should this post be?

    Oops me again. Forgot to ask: is there anyone else I should post this within the forum to get people's advice?
  4. Welcome! Read the forums a few days, get a feel for the place and ask as many questions as you want. Someone here has always done it or ridden it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Re: where should this post be?

    Location would be handy, there are bound to be plenty of people looking to hook up where ever you are, depending on where ever you are.
    Welcome to the nut-house.

  6. Hi donski1. :)

    Check out the Vic Ride and Events announcement page - you'll be able to check for any upcoming rides, plus there are coffee nights every night of the week. We also hold events and get-togethers...eg upcoming Gippy spanner day at Drouin..movie nights...shopping nights etc etc.

    You can also post your own idea for a ride in the calendar and wait for responses from other Netriders. :)

    Nice to see another chick in here. Have fun..be safe..and I hope to meet you on a ride soon.

    Chef - her location is Kensington. :)
  7. What kinda 've a name is Donski? Bulgarian?

    Welcome aboard anyways. :)
  8. Can I please??

    You don't allow females?? Does that still go on in this day and age? So being a 'supporter'.....does that involve sitting on the sidelines, watching and clapping you all, batting my eyes and saying things like 'wow, you're all so great", "gee, you're bike is soooo big". Oh, and do I need to bring a 'plate' along then with that? That sounds wonderful, sign me up.
  9. Huh?

    what happened to the 'no females' post? I was just getting started?
    Donski is my name as much as I am guessing MG is yours. Were your parents small sports car fanatics?
    (Donna actually, but Donski is a real nickname that some friends call me. I also ski lots)
  10. Re: Huh?

    2nd thoughts. Dont know you so thought you may take it the wrong way
    but its true. We do not allow women. :p

    MG originally was Michael (Mick) Garner, but have since changed MG to be
    short for 'My Gonads' :wink:

    OIC. :)

    Well water skiing I've attempted to do once in my life, 20yrs ago in Sardinia
    (region of Italy) & failed miserably.

    If you talking about snow skiing; well I've never been to the snow before
    but I'm thinking that'll be the easier of the two options to pick up.
  11. events

    I've just had a look at the events calender. Nothing for Melbourne really, coming up, not that I can see.
    The spanner days sound great - I know nothing. Do they ever happen in Melbourne?
  12. Out of curiousity, how come you don't allow women?
    I'm guessing you aren't really in Mexico? Or are you?
  13. Hi Donski and welcome to the forums.
    Don't listen to MG, he is the resident shit stirrer ;)
    The more women netrider members the better :grin:
    Come along to one of the coffee nights to meet some of the other members, there is one on every night of the week around Melbourne although Friday night is the most popular :)
    There are also alot of rides going on most weekends although there is less and less as the colder weather hits.
    Once again, welcome to the forums and hope to meet you at a coffee night soon :)
  14. Hi Donski,

    Females are not only allowed but welcomed & encouraged! Please feel free to join in the girls beat the crap out of MG day soon to be organised!

    But seriously join in the madness & you'll soon wonder why we're all here! or you'll find out & then run for your life!
  15. Women traditionally have never been allowed to join. They are not part of the
    brotherhood & never have been. We do let them wear club insignia and they come on
    some of our runs & parties, however they are forbidden from attending club meetings
    & have no voting rights. Thats basically the only restrictions they have. They accept that
    & they usually have their own parties & get-togethers anyway. :wink:

    Yep. Sure am in Mexico, as are the majority of Netriders. [​IMG]

    Where you going? Did you see my post before I removed it or
    are you another one who makes blind assumptions???

    I was talking about my club & made no mention nor insinuation about NR.
    And why would I? NR is not even a club ya ning nong. [​IMG]
  16. :popcorn: enlighting reading for this hour on a Sunday morn MG :LOL:

    Welcome donski1
  17. aw gee mg....what a hoot.....

    donski, we will continue to welcome you anyways despite mg......

    and if need be, cmon up to qld - female riders are definitely welcome here!
  18. Hello donski,

    I have a few friends in the "Willie" club and I'd suggest that it is a great club to join as you start out. AFAIK they are mainly road based and I've been invited to their track days as well.

  19. I'm pretty much your neighbour!! However, I am moving back to Werribee soon, so I'm not much help. Plus I still borrow a mentor every now & then...

    & I'm guessing it was you that I saw Friday about lunchtime.. At the lights next to Shell?
  20. I'm So Confused?

    I didn't think this was a 'club' as such. That's why I was asking about other clubs such as Preston and Williamstown, but the response seemed to be that no, this was a club? I thought it was pretty much just (sorry to offend) a website - mind you a great website?

    MG - so, what is your club? And you have very succinctly stated what women can and can't do in your club, but still no answer as to WHY women aren't permitted. What's the rationale behind? Not judging I promise, merely curious. So, you speak Spanish hey ? Can you give us a sample then?

    Chani - Could have been me at the Shell- I was around at that time? On a really old bike with old fashioned white thick spokes. I'm a bit tempted to get to them with a can of black paint maybe.

    G - What does AFAIK stand for? I have heard good things about Williamstown. Would you have any contact info for them at all? Can't seem to find anything.