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Looking for a cheap learners bike {moved from general to correct forum}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ShadowGT, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Hey as some of you may know i just recently got my learners & am now in the market for a bike. My price limit at the moment is about 3k. I kinda had my Heart set on a CBR250R or RR (preferably a RR) but are there any other bikes out there worth checking out?

    Just a few things.

    I need to be able to find one for about roughly 3k (doesn't have to be a pristine example).
    I'd like it to have atleast some power (hence why i like the CBR)
    I'd prefer a faired sports bike (but i am open to naked bikes if they are good)

    Please as much info as possible about the bikes you recommend, i love info :)

    Or hell even just some more info on R's & RR's would be appreciated. I tried CBR250.com but it wasn't very helpful.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    ZXR250 (or ZX2R as it is known) is Kawasakis version of the CBR250 and in my opinion, the better bike.

    I was the same as you, wanted a CBR250. I looked at about 6-7 of them and rode 4. Every one I looked at was either neglected, clapped out or in the case of the one decent example I saw, way out of my price range (he wanted 6 grand for it). I don't know what it is about the CBR, but its really hard to find a decent example. And even one that has been looked after in Aus, you have no idea how the youths of Japan have treated it. Anyway, I gave up on CBR's and started looking for similar bikes, and finally settled on a ZXR250. It's virtually the same bike but has some features which I think put it ahead of the CBR.
    - Longer wheelbase
    - Ajustable rear suspension
    - Physically bigger (I barely fit on a CBR, 5' 11"
    - Made up until 2003, the last CBR's rolled off the production line in 96

    They were never imported into Australia, but Peter Stevens brought over about 80 brand new ones still in the crate.

    Any minor differences between the CBR and ZXR that existed 10-15 years ago don't matter anymore
  3. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    I think i've seen a few ZX2R's before i think but it is getting out of my price range :(
  4. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    You won't get much for 3k, 3.5k was the cheapest I saw.
  5. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    Zzr250 is better value to performance that any grey inline 4.
  6. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    stretch for a honda hornet 250
  7. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    ZZR250 isn't nearly as fun as an inline 4.

    Hornets are good too.
  8. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    for 3 grand most bikes will be getting a bit long in the tooth/or have been dropped, as vertical c said maybe try zzr250 or gpx250, maybe check out the hyosung gt250r.
  9. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    So are you going to sell yours to him for $3k? A bike isn't more fun if you can't afford it.

    That's why the zzr is a better suggestion.
  10. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    Well if he wants something sporty with a bit of power a ZZR doesn't fit his criteria does it? So his options are

    a) wait for a really good deal
    b) save more money
    c) get a clapped out pos
    d) get something else
  11. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    OP, keep in mind that many grey imports are advertised on the date they were complianced to aus standards, so a bike that's advertised as a 2011 model might have been built in 1989. This is legal...

    For 3k you won't really find a good example of an inline four 250cc race replica bike. You might find a bike like mine, which has ****ed up fairings but is in mechanically good nic for that price. I got mine for a bit more than 3k, the fairings are pretty bad but it's been reliable to the two years I've owned it. The only work it's needed has been regular servicing and replacing consumables. You'll want at least 4k for an I4 250cc RR.

    For 3k when I was looking I couldn't find many ZZR's in great condition, but bikes were more expensive in 2009 I think. You might be able to find one that's mechanically good and has a few scratches, unless they are cheaper now.

    You will be able to get a spada in good condition though.

    Any of these bikes should be fun, some more than others but if you're not having fun it's not the bikes fault.
  12. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    fzr 250, same as what he said any past minor diffrences dont matter no more,
    easily pick one up for sub 3k with rego, will keep up with a cbr zxr2,
    they are getting old if u cant use a screwdriver dont get one.
  13. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    Not sure where the OP is from but arent most Race Replicas non LAMS compliant? At least if theyre souped up. And if youre going a souped up Replica and only looking at $3k it sounds to me like its going to taste a bit lemony..... says me in my infinite experienced wisdom.
    I was looking at spending around the same price, but was looking at ZZR250s myself. The majority of these were non registered or roadworthy when you actually looked into it. Going by Bikesales.com.au i was hit by pages and pages of scooters and trailbikes to come up with those few. I managed to pick up the Ninjette advertised at $5k and talked the dealer down to $4300. Has done me well so far.
    Maybe i was just looking in the wrong places.
  14. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    have you test ridden a vtr250 yet alex? lol im guessing this is you haha
  15. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    The FZX250 zeal is also an option. Semi naked bike with looks and performance for a 250. You can pick one up for under $3000.
    The baby bandit gsf250 gets some pretty good reviews so give that a look as well.
  16. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    Ok Checked a few of those recommended bikes out. Bikesales.com wasn't much help but ebay had a few affordable examples.

    The ones that caught my eyes the most were:

    ZX2R (could only find one under 3k)
    ZZR250 (Some more info on this bike would be appreciated)
    VTR250 (Naked but still looks alright, More info would be appreciated)
    I'm also checking out CBR250R's. Some more info on the major differences between the R & RR would be extremely appreciated. All i can see at the moment is that the R only has one front brake while the RR has two.

    Also would i be better checking out a bike dealer or is private the way to go? Are there any decent used bike dealers in melbournes south east?
  17. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    ZZR250 is a parallel twin bike with an upright riding position and more torque but less top end power than a CBR, which is more aggressive (you can tell by the height of the handlebars). ZZR is more of a commuting bike than an entry level sport bike.

    VTR250 is a V-twin, I haven't ridden one so I couldn't tell you anything more sorry.

    also, just from wikipedia

    'CBR250RR MC22

    A completely redesigned bike that had a new cast/pressed aluminum frame that gave a more aggressive riding position, gull shaped swing arm that was adopted from the NSR250R, higher rising tail, six spoke cast aluminum wheels and dual front 276 mm (10.9 in) floating disk brakes. These changes resulted in a dry weight of 142 kg (310 lb). The only feature that was adopted from the previous model CBR250s was the MC14E engine. This was slightly modified with a crankshaft that had 27.5 mm small-end journals, up 0.5 mm from the previous 27 mm journals. The engine also used a completely new set of VP carburetors that had smaller throats, reduced from 32 mm to 30.5 mm. These carburetors were fed by a vacuum operated pump for fuel delivery.'
  18. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    Dont buy a cheap cb250r or rr you will not save in the long term believe me.Go and find yourself a vtr 250 is the pick of the bunch,that hurts being a kawasaki man but also it will be the best especially with your price range.You will still have to hunt around to get one for under 4 grand.If you get a cheap inline four you will pay later.
  19. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    A good rider on a zzr or a vtr can beat the inline fours. Just like a good rider on a Z750 or street triple can smoke a litre.
  20. Re: Looking for a cheap learners bike

    you say you have been to cbr250.com already... how hard have you looked? these are the questions you should be asking over there, people will be happy to help you, and there is a step by step guide to every bit of maintenance there is to do on the cibby, even valves.

    dont get an fzr250. parts are nigh on impossible to find... at least the cbr250rr was imported by honda for a period of time so there is alot of new spares. the cbr250r(1989 model) wasnt, but there is still plenty of parts for these 2 bikes.

    the zxr250(zx2r) wasnt imported official either if i recall correctly, so parts can also be hard to find, but wreckers should have plenty of stock, and there is alot of aftermarket for these.

    out of the 3, id say take the cbr250rr, then the zx2r.

    include the vtr250, and its a no brainer, the vtr250 wins. can even get a fairing kit for it now from japan, looks alright imo