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Looking for a CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Icka, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    My bro & I are new to bikes and we're going for our L's in a few weeks time. We're looking to buy a CBR250RR. We were going to go visit Sumoto but have decided not to due to all the bad reviews they've received on various forums.

    If anyone can recommend some good and reliable places/dealers to check out, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Welcome to the forum, Icka.
  3. Thanks, i'll check out the buy/sell section of the site suggested.
  4. Any reason you want a cbr?? Wont give my honest opinion as might hurt some feelings. :grin: There are so many better bikes out there that havent had the arse flogged out of them or have a new compliance plate stuck on em!!
  5. I was speaking to the Yamaha dealer in Hoppers Crossing today, they have started stocking lots of 250's in their showroom as a way to get people through the door.

    Might pay to give them a call or drop in.
  6. Shop around mate, I was originally looking for a CBR, like 95% of learners in Aus, but then I found my ZXR250.

    While it may not be worlds apart from the CBR, it does have it's advantages, and it makes me happy that I didnt get a CBR.

    P.S. - There is absolutley no difference in outright speed between a ZXR and a CBR, or most 250's for that matter. So dont make one of your deciding factors when looking for a bike.
  7. Hey Icka,

    Welcome to the forums, I was down at Top Gear in Frankstong today and noticed that they had a couple of small CBR's.

    Dont take this as a reccomendation for them! I just noticed that they had a couple out the front.

    If there bike sales service and servicing is half as bad as their accesories be wary!!


  8. The CBR was my brother's decision. He's more into bikes than I am but I've been converted. I know his friend had a CBR and that would be the rationale behind his decision.

    I am more open to suggestion than he is. I would be happy with either a ZXR, ZZR or FZR. Any feedback/comparison between the above bikes from you guys would be much appreciated.

    We will check out some of the dealers suggested though.
  9. Better 250's?

    I don't care much for the 250 fours personally. They're just a ripoff in my opinion, expensive to buy, expensive to service and repair.

    But if you want performance and you're limited to a 250 you can't go past a CBR.

    Please do give us your honest opinion. Don't hold back :)
  10. Yeah I was in there last week and they had over half dozen second hand 250's. Ranging from CBR's to Across's and nakeds. I can vouch for their service dept too, honest and timely, looked to be the right price too.