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looking for a carpark in brisbane

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nettles6, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. hello everyone

    Im just wondering if anyone in brisbane knows a decent size carpark that has a decent surface for people learning to ride.

    Im in the western suburbs but im willing to move around to find some decent tarmac. hopefully free of bollards, barriers and gravel.

    i have been teaching some friends how to ride in the dustbowl at the university of queensland. but the surface is pretty crappy and its getting difficult to do some of the more advanced movements

    if you know somewhere that would be suitable and is free in the mornings on the weekends could you please let me know

    thanks very much guys

  2. If there's any other Unis around, try that. Maybe even a primary/secondary school. Scope up Google Maps (Satellite view, then street view to assess if it'll be locked over the weekend) and you should find something.
  3. What about in the industrial areas such as Darra or Archerfield? How does Mt Ommaney shopping centre rate to you?

    The dustbowl is no longer a dustbowl, right? Isn't it surfaced? You should have seen it when it actually was a dustbowl!
  4. It may be a little far away but there's one along pacific highway at loganholme. Just next to the harvey norman.

    Was there about 430 pm last week and it was completely empty.
  5. what about the car parks at the entertainment centre?
  6. yeah the dust bowl is paved now. theres still heaps of loose gravel, broken glass and a heap of median strips. (combine gravel, median strips and learner riders)

    The entertainment centre? up at boondal?

    i will defs check out mt omm. They run 7 days a week so it would need to be early morning or late afternoon.

    the industrial areas are fine for a start but now the guys are getting into turning and things like that im looking for an open expanse of land so i can check on their cornering skills
  7. Yeah at Boondal mate.. pretty sure quite a few people learn in those car parks these days and there are plenty to choose from.
  8. Aspley Hypermarket is where a lot of Northsiders learn to drive. Large flat open carpark with a few kerbs that could be corner points, and usually quiet->empty.
  9. what about that carpark across the road from the UQ Athletic Centre?

    if you need some help I can come along and lend a hand nettles

    I ride that yellow SV around UQ that keeps wanting to lift the front up. lol
  10. cheers for the offer tunelliner. ive been teaching people on sat and sunday mornings in the one across from the aths centre. At the moment ive just got through the basics. i just need somewhere without the gravel and glass. that said its great fun throwing the back end of the bike out on the stones.

    Im on the beaten up 2006 model hyo gt250r. im the one that bunny hops the speedhumps on colleges road (ring road). cya around dude!