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Looking for a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wozza, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, I'm in the market for a cruiser or other comfortable (quite subjective I understand) bike and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

    I will be using the bike for commuting purposes (currently 60-70km but will be shorter in the future) as well as getting away on longer trips of a weekend (think like 300-400kms). It will need to be able to carry a pillion for weekend rides and I love a bike with a bit of attitude.

    I have a budget of 20k, new or used doesn't matter. I want a bike that is reliable, reasonably cheap to service and is comfortable. I have had knee issues in the past with sports bike pegs as well. I am 6ft.

    I have been looking at Harley Sportsters, Triumph Bonnes/Americas/Speedmasters and Moto Guzzi Bellagio 940 (would need to find one second hand). I have read here (and heard from others) that Triumphs have issues with their EFI and low speeds which would rule out commuting, but has everyone had that experience? I'm open to all suggestions, not just cruisers, new or used that would fit the bill.

    Thanks for your time guys,
  2. Only 1 option IMHO mate. 2010 ish harley night rod special abs.
  3. Concerning the trumpies see QuarterWits thread and video if you haven't allready - "an honest review of the triumph bonneville" in this part of the forums.

    I have an early model Kawasaki W800 that's had the throttle bodies and fuel pump replaced under warrenty, 2012 and later models shouldn't have these problems as Kwaka now uses better throttle bodies and pumps.

    With those problems fixed - she pulls smoothly from nothing, doesn't stutter on deceleration once warm. Easily holds 110km while still in the brake in period. The secondary throttle holds you back sometimes, but it's a great engine. Exhaust is a bit quiet.

    Handles fine, but handles even better with decent rear shocks/springs up front, throw on a decent set of modern tyres and she's awesome.
    Doesn't use much fuel, even loaded two up with gear, but you might want to stop in the middle of your 400Km trip for fuel.
    The seat is comfortable, it takes 6 hours and getting lost in Sydney before your ass starts to regret it.

    New they should be between 12 ~ 13 grand ride away. Service intervals are a bit shorter than the triumph (can't remember exactly), but these bikes are piss easy to work on, there's no cam chain to worry about, air filters just pulls out of the box after removing the seat and a couple of screws for the side covers.
    There's no after market air filters though, unless you want to pull the entire air box off.
  4. How do they handle in stop start traffic though?

    Don't they have drum brakes though (rear?). I was hoping to get something with decent disk brakes at the least, or ABS.
  5. Triumph Thunderbird would be a good bike and I'd suspect that you'd get a good deal on a 2013 plate Storm (the one to get with attitude) probably new if you walked in with 20k.
    Commutes just fine and pillion no issue.

    I may be a little biased in my opinion however :D

    Cheers Spocky
  6. I have ridden a few night rods. I loved all of them. Comfy, easy to ride, handles pretty good, goes like crazy with 125 hp, looks unreal, modern twin cam, multi valve, efi engine. I thought a 300 kg bike would be slow, cumbersome and awkward but it's none if them. Ring up your local harley shop and book a test ride.
  7. Single disc up front with twin pot caliper, rear drum, no ABS. One time I locked the front was being stupid in the rain. What about the new V-Strom 650? Different kind of beast to what you have been looking at, but great bikes as I understand and meets your above requirements...
    (pitty it looks like a 90's Pixar character...)
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions in this thread. I've been looking around at them all but I think I've narrowed it down oddly enough to something very different to what I originally thought. The two bikes I'm looking at are a Ducati Monster 696 with ABS and a BMW F 800 GT. Has anyone had any experiences with either bike?

    Thanks again guys!
  9. Wow. Very different.

    I'm sure you have tested a Monster before narrowing it down to one of your final bikes.
  10. The f800 is a great bike, comfortable, good on fuel, great resale, handles well.
  11. The F800 gets good reviews, great all round it seems.
  12. I'm guessing the F800 will be more comfortable and much better in stop start traffic.
  13. Couldnt of picked two more overpriced bikes if you tried.

    Ok maybe the v7 racer.
  14. The F800 is generally a good bike but before you pull the trigger on one, make sure it is late model and comes with some sort of warranty. The earlier models had a major issue with the rear hub assembly which could potentially cause some serious accident.
    Secondly, I've ridden the F800 and I'd say it could be more comfortable, especially the seating position I found a bit on the aggressive side. So if you're looking for comfort, look elsewhere.
    Seeing you've included a BMW in your shortlist, have you considered the R1200R? The seating position on it is upright and relaxed and it is a beast of a bike! And for $20k you can find a very nice low mileage example too.