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Looking for a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Grantc84, May 22, 2012.

  1. So I got my learners last night and want to go have a look for some gear and a second hand bike. I am after more of a sports looking bike but havent sat on anything yet so I want to sit on a few types to see what I like the feel of.

    I live in S.E suburbs of Melbourne so would like some suggestions on shops to go visit which have bikes and gear. Preferably second hand bikes. Are there any spots where there are a few bike shops close by to each other so I can visit multiple shops within a few hours?

  2. Buy mine!

    But SE suburbs of Melb is a BIG area. More specific?
  3. Why not try Peter Stevens in the city if you're not far away. Might not be the cheapest price but they have a large range of bikes and gears, and you can always go somewhere else to buy after you have decided.
  4. not exactly sure of your location but these are all side by side and have a fair variety of new and second hand bikes to throw tghe leg over on Nepean Hwy Brighton


    A1 Motorcycles
    Brighton Kawasaki
  5. I live in cranbourne west but happy to travel (within reason) to look. Dont expect a shop or a good one to be just around the corner.
  6. There's a bike shop in Cranbourne, 3 in Frankston and a few in Dandenong

    Let Google be your friend and all will be revealed
  7. For gear, there's also AMX on the Sth Gippsland Hwy btw Cranbourne and Dandenong.
  8. I thought that place specialized in off road equipment.

    Thanks heaps everyone. I will have a look at a few in Dandy and then a few in Brighton. Should help me make up my mind on exactly what I want and more importantly does it feel comfortable to sit on.
  9. No, they have both. You just have to be careful that what you buy is good quality - which is the same anywhere, really...
  10. +1 on AMX, great range and pricing
  11. If you're after a good learner sports bike, and you're under 6' tall, buy an mc22 CBR250RR privately. PLENTY to choose from in Melb and they are one of the best learner bikes on the list.
    If money isn't too much of an issue, for an extra $1.5-2k, look at the RVF400. Best LAMS bike full stop!
  12. I am just over 6' but not quite 6'1". Hence why I need to get out and sit on them. I do like look of the CBR250RR and seems to be a lot of second hand ones at reasonable prices.

    Looks like I will have to try the AMX shop once I have a bike in mind.
  13. Welcome to the headaches of what to buy and what gear to get mate!
    Tis a nice headache though!

  14. Thanks.

    I might need this next question in a seperate section but will ask anyway and see how i go.

    I have noticed a lot of second hand bikes being sold without a RWC but they seem to be in good condition etc. Is this a headache and avoid the bike if the owner wont get one as may be some serious issues wont see by looking at bike?
  15. If the bike still has rego, pretty sure by law it needs to be sold with a RWC. If no rego, then I'd get it checked out properly and test ride if you can.

    Since you're 6'1", I personally think the CBR250RR will be too small and you may get back pain. A more upright position will be best for the smaller bikes. A RVF400 is bigger than the CBR250RR, but not by much.
  16. The RVF400 are a bit more than I was wanting to spend. I only have restrictions for 1 year once get off L's so dont want to spend too much on this as will be upgrading to bigger and better things. At the same time I dont want to get something I will be cramped on possibly making it unsafe or giving me bad habbits and a sore back.

    Guess I will find out if they are too small when go sit on them.
  17. Hey mate I live Cranbourne south, theres the AMX store in North cranbourne which sells all types of gear (and is where i bought most of mine)
    If you buy all your gear there too they generally give you a good discount, I spent about $2,200 there and only paid $1400 so you cant complain with that discount at all.

    Btw iv got a 2009 ninja 250r, is a good learners bike and looks amazing, if you want I'm happy to meet up so you can sit on my bike and get a feel for the ninja.

    Anyways happy hunting,
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  18. Why can't the rest of the world get along like this, would be a much better place.

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  19. Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling!
    They're not a bad bunch on NR after all.

    ps. I'm 6'2 and find the Strom fits me well. It's also LAMS approved if youre considering going down that path. Can get up to all sorts of (legal) mischief on it!
  20. The Strom is not lams
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