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Looking for a bike - Considering a MT07HO?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Booki, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Hey all!

    Currently looking to get back into the road bikes, have left the scene for a while to ride primarily dirt, but would love a road bike again for those nice days and longer group rides with some buddies.

    My last bike was a Yamaha R6 (last of the carbies) and I found it a little too aggressive for the way I like to ride, mostly in the torque and lower rpm's just cruising along. I did not like the riding position and never spent enough time on the bike to truly get comfortable with it. I have no interest in hitting corners at $1.60+, and would be a little rusty when coming back to the road. I do have a interest in slow speed stunting (balance point wheelies, stoppies, technical riding - that kind of thing) but unsure how seriously I would pursue it.

    Overall I have been recommended a MT07 HO as a good bike to get back into it, but I am a little hesitant in buying another brand new bike as they are new here and none are available used (I recently bought a brand new dirtbike), so the thought of dropping 10k+ on something is a little daunting, but not out of the question if its going to be right for me.

    None the less, I am keen to hear some recommendation's on what else would be a good bike for me!

    To give you a brief idea of myself I am;
    25 years old
    approx 78kg's and 174cm tall
    Full licensed
    Have been riding dirt bikes on and off for the past 9 years, with the purchase of the new bike its been alot more full on, going bush approx once to twice a month.

    I want something I will be comfortable on, have enough power to be fun but not intimidating. Outright power and speed does not interest me, but that said I do not really wanna step down to a LAMS bike. Naked or full fairing, I am not really fussed (but if i had to pick I would choose a naked)
  2. Hard to beat the MT-07 in its class - I rate it. Light and pointy into corners, quick as, torquey, good looking and dead easy to ride - not that this would be an issue if you ride dirt bikes. Snicky gearbox, surprisingly comfortable set up and seat too - when I ran it in, I did 250 miles straight in one day and did not ache - just a felt a bit cold in a northern winter/spring - (March 2015) . We fitted ABS - which is a factory option here in UK.
    You could look at the Triumph Street Triple 675 - less 'torquey' feel perhaps, but similar power, with higher revving performance. Would be more money though, I would think.
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  3. Second hand z1000 if u like wheelies
  4. MT09 should be starting to show up second hand. I haven't ridden the MT07 but the 09 is light, quick, wheelies everywhere and is seriously fun at sub-speed limit speeds. Thumbs up!
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  5. Just get a MT09 and be done with it.
  6. I would get the mt09 only because i think the mt07 non lams will take a beating on depreciation
  7. Interesting - What makes you think that? I figured it would be solid and not depreciate much, kind of like how a Street Triple still fetch's quite a bit of money on the used market

    I am worried with all the recommendation's for a MT-09, I could not ride a R6 to its full potential, so getting another similar powered bike or more would probably be a bad move.
  8. R6 and MT09 and fiercely different.

    Fiercely being the opperarive word.
  9. The branding is so close to the lams bike which will cause confusion, not many riders will want to be thought of having a learners bike.

    Also most people stepping up will go a bigger jump. So will discount it as being like the lams bike. It doesnt matter that its not really its how people perceive it. I think that will likit the market and therefkre the resale.

    Also the road bikes just above the learner limit have historically not done well. When there was the 250 limit bikes like the gs500, the sr400, the cx500 were always so much cheaper than the same condition lams bike or even the 600 fours. I remember buying a vf400 for that ver y reason when i was at uni because i got a bargain. A 250 was twice as much but i was off my ps so i got a bargain. When the lams laws come in all these bikes jumped in price very quickly.

    But i could be wrong.
  10. - You could get the 07 HO and trade up after a year. Here in UK there are a few -07s appearing on the market with 5-8000 miles on them and less than 20% depreciation (less than £1000) which doesn't seem to be too much pain to take. Plus the -07 comes in the Moto-Cage version - hopefully you have this in Oz as well - which looks uniquely cool. The -09 is a very high performance bike - 115 horses; outside of a track, I would run out of talent before I ran out of power on that bike, for sure.
  11. EDIT: Nevermind