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Looking for a bike auto electrician

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Johno, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Im having problems with the alternator/regulator on my bike.
    So I called Redwing Honda being the closest Honda dealer to me for advice and they said I should take it to a place called Motorcycle Auto Electrics or something but of course he didnt have the number handy but I should just look it up

    so i look it up and cant find the bugger anywhere. So anyone know of an autoelectrician that works on bikes? or knows of the above mentioned place?

  2. I know that there is an auto electrician that specialises in bikes in one of the small streets off Elizabeth St just near Cosways, but I can't rember the name of it.

    My suggestion would be to ring the workshop at [insert your favourite city dealer here], and ask them. It has been around a long time so most city based mechanics should be aware of it.

  3. Well basically my battery charges when the headlight is off but when the headlight is on the battery isnt getting the extra juice and thus going flat all of the time.

    The guy at Honda said either the generator would need to be rewound or the regulator replaced and I should take it to this place as it would be cheaper than going through them
  4. Do you have a multimeter? I would check the charging system before you bring it to a specialist. That fault finding chart is quite straightforward, and a multimeter will set you back $15 at Dick Smith, a specialist will set you back a lot more!

    I had similar problems (which is when I found this chart) - ended up being that I had bulbs that exceeded the wattage recommended for my bike. The result was that they were taking too much power, and not enough to recharge the battery. I also had the instance of a dud battery, where it didn't retain charge for any longer than 2 days...
  5. Small coil rewinds in Geelong. They do exchange stuff for most bikes so you're not off the road for too long. 50 Edols street North Geelong. 52788454.
  6. I checked the headlight and its only a 60w bulb and the place I took it too originally said that wouldnt be the cause. If it was 80-100w then maybe.

    I have a multimeter while I didnt do the whole chart (too complex for me) I did check the battery charge with light off and get a definate increase in charge when I revved the engine but with the lights on got no increase at all.

    Found a place in Coburg which isnt far from me City Auto Electrics that im going to take it to and have it checked out.
  7. Hope you didn't mind my suggestions - just trying to save you some $...

    Good luck! When you discover the source of the problem could you let people here know? Never know when another one of us could suffer the same...
  8. what were the voltages that you measured?

    has the battery ever run flat?

    possibly check the headlight wiring, might be shorted somewhere. clean/tightened battery terminals?
  9. Got a call today from the auto elec.
    picking it up tomorrow all is good. Could have picked it up today put been drinking at the tennis so no riding for me (insert drunken smiley here)

    Regulator was packing it in. Was replaced with a reconditioned one that is slightly more powerful, cleaned up the wiring to improve electricity flow and all is now good.

    All up $270 inc labor
  10. Can't find site

    Hi people...

    Do any of you have the pdf file stated by Boz?

    I am currently not being to start my bike up, and would love to do my own self-diagnostics.

    However, i can't find the file as the site provided is no longer around.

    Many thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you guys soon.


  11. Simon
    It's been a while since they've been there, they moved out to Coburg yeeeears ago. It's actually the one Johno found so all is good, they've been monkeying around with bikes and electricity a long time.