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Looking for a bag to go on a Rack - tips please?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by me3@neuralfibre.com, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. I'm after a bag about 20L in size to go onto a rack. Probably the Ventura sports rack. Needs to be waterproof and used for an everyday commute.

    The ventura 10L sprots bag is too small, and the others not what I am after (silly shape, narrow opening at top) . BMW has a nice one about that size, but want $240 for it.

    Any tips or suggestions appreciated.


  2. ventura do have a quite square bag i think thats about 35L.. they are all water resistant but you would have to spray for waterproof.opens at the top and cen be expanded / reduced.. i have the aero spada and while it may look skinny you can fit a heap of gear in there. lived out of it for 2 weeks over xmas.
  3. Trying to stay smaller and rectangularish in shape.
    I hate the small opening of the ventura.

    Their spots bag is fine, but only 10L - won't fit my laptop, notebook and lunch.

  4. i have a lowepro camera backpack that i have strapped around my ventura bag. by itself you will have to work out a way to make it be secure. im looking at taking it on a few rides by itself only so ill d_ck around and let you know. it has a laptop section and enough for lunch and a few things.
  5. We have one of the small opening (silly shaped) bags and one of these.


    The square Rally bag follows me just about everywhere. Good gear.

    It is bigger than you want, but not so much so that it's a hassle. It will swallow a helmet and gloves and still have room for some other gear once you get off the bike.
  6. +1, stuff rattling around at the rear of your bike is not good in any respect.

    In fact I'd have a tank bag any day.
  7. i had a go at fitting my lowepro to my ventura rack and while it can be done its a bit of a bugger as you have to unthread the straps and then wrap though the rack and rethread to tighten. lowepro is aright ripoff though so you could do better with a laptop backpack from a regular shop.