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looking for a auto electrician

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by troy, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. hey guys
    just wondering if any here is or knows of a good auto electrician
    i have a honda 92 legend that keeps blowing globes...(driving and brake)
    also the handbrake lights, abs and parklight in the dash is constatly on
    if someone knows of a trustworthy person in the northern subs that would be great


  2. You have a short lol.
    I work on a lot of trucks, and i do basic electrical stuff because im a apprentice diesel fitter not a bloody electrician :LOL: but anyways, by the sounds of things you have a short and it putting to much draw through your lightbulb and essentually your lightbulb is acting like a fuse :wink:
    Thats a possibility anyway. Anything electricial that I cant fix, i send it to the auto electrician haha. Happy hunting.
  3. cool
    ill keep looking i guess :cry:
    stupid car.. :mad:
  4. This happens when the Voltage Regulator fails, letting too many volts into the system. Easy fix, but I dunno anyone out your way. Yellow pages will be your friend
  5. This may sound like a silly question, but does it have a towbar?
  6. Try Dave at Bell Auto Electrical. He is next to Stafford Yamaha on Bell street in Heidelberg. He is a good honest guy and helped me out on more times than I could remember.
  7. I had my car windows getting stuck up or down, then it locked me inside the car, even the alarm started going off...
    Took it to:
    Paul's Auto Electics: 198 Through Rd, Camberwell 03 9836 3618.

    He's down a little ally way behind a few shops near Riversdale Rd. I wouldn't have gone there coz it looks so dingy, but my mechanic recommended him. Fearing the worst I went to this guy's workshop and he said it was just wear in the hinge area of the driver's door. $50 later it was all fixed :)
  8. nope dosnt have one of those buddy

    cool ill give him a try

    cool ill try them as well
    need someone thats open on saturdays... only time i can get the car there
  9. if you haven't found one, and desperate for one, and don't mind a travel.. my brother is an auto elec, they're pretty solid,

    43 Russell St, Werribee, VIC 3030
    (03) 9741 1613

    how far north are ya?
  10. roxburgh park northern subs
    yeah werribee isnt too far about 30-40 min drive are they open on saturdays?
  11. I've been recommended this guy also for wiring up my whole car. They were willing to have a look at it and do it for something decent also (because I wasn't in a particular rush as I was still building my engine).

    In the end I chose to just do a shonky wiring job myself.
  12. Im an auto elec....

    Globes can blow for a couple of reasons,

    Incorrect voltage - globes not operating at correct filament temp.
    Crack in glass letting air in (releasing vacuum)

    As for acting like a fuse, thats new to me ;)

    The colour of the blow globe will tell you the story.

    Blackish - Undervolt
    White - Air got in
    Normal with filament blown to piece - overvolt
  13. Cheers, thats good to know

    :grin: :grin: :grin: