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Looking for a 250cc scooter. What are my Choices?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by nbh00d, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. I'm sick of commuting on my 1000cc sportbike everyday so I wanted one of those maxi scooter for riding two up to the congested city area for work and stuff. What features I am aftering are as follow:
    1) at least some wind protection with a practical windscreen
    2) Have backrest and great comfort for rider and pillion
    3) easy to lane filter to the front of the traffic lights.
    4) enough storage at least for 2 full face helmet.
    5) At least able to do 120km/h and stable enough on Highway.

    From what my research is a 250cc maxi scooter can do the above. Regarding the top speed I understand it might takes forever to get the top speed but as long as I am not been too slow I can live with the occasional highway trip. A 400cc scooter can handle the highway better but I need to look for something under 300cc due to the huge CTP price difference.

    I have narrow down my choices from Honda Forza, Yamaha Majesty yp250, Suzuki Burgman AN250, Bolwell or SYM 250 (forgot the name and are they the same companies from Taiwan????). What are my other alternative choices? By the way my budget is under $4k n prefer to be around $3k. I am looking for second hand and currently interested in those Taiwanese brand but don't know about their realibility and how easy to get 2nd hand parts. Have anyone got any issues with Bolwell/SYM?
  2. Sym are hugely better build than the chinese scooters that they compete against, they are the equal (if not better) of any of the japanese scooter makers and their 4 year (only for new purchasers) if the industry gold standard.

    I'm fairly sure though that only 2 years of the 4 year warranty transfers to second hand purchases.

    The Sym VS125 is the best bang for buck scooter on the Australian market today, are you sure you need a 250?
  3. For your highway riding I would probably suggest the 125 is a bit small. I have an LX150 that can manage 110 but chews through the fuel. The GT200 that I have owned (and therefore perhaps another 200) can really do it comfortably, so a 200cc I would suggest as the minimum but it may be the metal bodies of vespas that drain some of the power - I'll leave it for others to comment.

    I think the Taiwanese brand you may be searching for is TGB but I'm really not too familiar with any of the asian models. I have heard though that are meant to be very reliable and the reason why Domino's etc use them. I think the last distributor went bust though so not sure whats happened with them now - again haven't followed this too closely so I may be wrong but worth investigating anyway.
  4. SYM scooters are top quality and great bang-for-buck value. Have a look at Citycom 300 - nominally 300, its actual capacity is 262cc so I consider it one of 250s. Should fit your requirements plus it has one great advantage: 'proper' size, 16in wheels.

    See this review for example.

    Edits: oops, sorry - I missed your budget requirements... I don't think you'll score one of these for under 4k, unfortunately.
  5. I think your budget is too low.. :shock:

    Nevertheless, you forgot to mention Piaggio, possibly because of the budget.. I'm with you with the 250 vs 400cc. You only get +20km on top speed and the liftoff lasts until 110km/h instead of 90km/h that the 250 does. But in reality, both are good enough, and with the absolutely silly cut off at 300cc, the 250 is a better option

    Storage for 2 helmets? It depends on the helmets. The piaggio x8/evo/mp3 can fit 2 AGV fullface helmets OR can fit none, if the the helmets are huge.. So you need to check that yourself. Minds you, there is always those 2 hooks under the seat, so i currently can fit 2 helmets on the sides and 2 jackets under the seat. 8)

    With scooters, you will get wind protection from windshields and from the ferings. That 1000cc will end up in the garage on those cold winter days, trust me on that!

    Any 250cc can do 120 on the highway. The higher the bike is, with bigger wheels, the more affected by wind will be. But the bikes with small wheels (12-13inch) will sacrifice mileage on tyres for the extra smoothness while riding at high speeds.. My 12 back - 14 front is a dream to ride at I 50km/h, but i have to change the back wheel every 5k.

    For pillions, check the size of the seat and where they would put their feet. Footpegs is less confy than a flat spot reserved for your pillion.

    Both you and the pillion need to test ride the bike. No matter what you read, it all ends up on YOUR comfort riding the bike. And that will depends on you hight, the length of your legs and arms and riding position. All these will be evident when you actually ride the thing with a pillion and then compare your thought by riding another one. Even if you go second hand, you can still rock up in a dealership and try the demo..

    And finally, get comp insurance with it. If a bike is expensive to fix after an off, a scooter is impossible, as all the plastics will be gone for good.And they tend to be more expensive than that of a bike, due to the lack of competition and due to the relatively small number of riders that are riding a scooter, that is those who have woken up to the 21st century and have given up on manual bikes :p :p :LOL:

    Good luck with your budget.. it is difficult, but not impossible.. 5k would be better IMO
  6. sym firenze is best value for $$$ in the 250cc maxi scoots...

    i've had heaps of scoots from 125cc to 500cc and currently a 200cc 4spd manual 2 stroke, in between about 20 in the last few years and the firenzie is what i'd go for if i were to buy brand new
  7. i was in exactly same position you are now (but on an R6)
    starting new job edge of the city rode a couple of weeks on the R6, ended up searching for scooters, test rode about 20 scooters

    i started thinking about the same budget as you, looked at some used firenze 250s, but after test riding them realized my budget HAD to go up, especially if u plan to do 100km/hr. they do about 130 flat stick and into the wind good luck with doing 100 comfortably, once u accelerate to 110 they start to speed wobble as well.
    so took my budget up to around 5-6,000 test rode some better bigger scooters like the suzuki burgman and yamaha t500, great scooters but for a used one was too expensive as they were pretty worn.
    ended up at vespa and aprilia riding them, they annihilate the chinese made scooters they comfortably sit on 100 km hr (top speeds more like 140-150 and they actually get there, the firenze claims 140 but thats probably down hill with a tail wind) and you can actually accelerate past traffic and out of sticky situations.

    ended up taking out a personal loan, got 10,000 shopped for something decent, ended up picking up the peugeot 250 (which is in the sale forum now) it had everything i needed, same as your requirements, huge windshield, stores 2 helmets, gear, my gym gear under the seat, and cruise at 100 into the wind with missus on the back even, great scooter

    but once u ride past a few shop windows and see your reflection... youll think (why the f*** did i buy this despite its practicality, i look like a D**K!!)

    so at the end of the day, if u play to commute quiet a bit my recommendation is spend the extra try find a decent used european or jap scooter as the 'chinese' ones (kymco, sym, etc) are rubbish (despite all the good reviews i read) take one for a test ride (not a new one, they are ok new, but ones with 8,000k's ride like hell)

    hope this helps, if you have any questions just ask because seems like your situation is exactly same as mine 3 months ago :)
  8. Couldn't disagree more I'm sorry to say. I currently own a Sym and it's the most sub-standard of all scooters I've ever owned (Burgman / T-Max / Mojito 150 etc,) The quality is rubbish and even though I bought new the warranty is very 'limited'. Ie just about everything is considered 'wear and tear'.
    I bought purely on price , something I will NEVER do again. I hate the thing, right from it's crappy plastic hand grips to it's sub-standard, spine crushing suspension.
    IF I could turn back time I would buy a Honda Forza 250 or Yammy Majesty. Even second hand with modest mileage , either would be better than this Taiwanese rubbish I'm lumped with.
  9. Hi there, I don't think you can go wrong with a Forza. I am very happy with mine in all ways.
    The only thing I decided to add was "Grip Warmers" and since I had them fitted, I ride in to work no matter what the low temp is in the morning. Good luck... if you are looking at new push for as close as you can get to $6k. I got mine new at that price last October.
    Good Luck