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Looking Better

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peleus, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Hi, seems the other thread was deleted / disappeared? Can a mod whim me if you would like me to fix anything, anyway thanks for your kind comments and here is a repost of it.

    Hi folks,

    Got my bike back today after its trip to Daytona spray painting to fix up my moment of stupidity :D

    Of course while it was sitting in the garage it had to improve a little bit.

    I am absolutely stoked with the result but honestly couldn't have done it without the help of one of my dads mates, Troy who fills in for my absolute lack of mechanical knowledge.

    Obviously now I've just got to learn to ride the thing instead of decorating it, but all in good time.



    List of mods...

    Seat Cowl
    Carbon Tank Pad
    Gilles Rear sets (gold)
    Pazzo Racing Levers (long gold with black tabs)
    Clear Alternatives Smoke intergrated tail light
    Watson flush mounts
    GSG Frame sliders
    GSG Clutch / Alternator sliders
    Jardine Dual Outlet Pipe
    Gel Seat
    Cox Racing radiator guard (silver)
    SPR Fender eliminator with V3 light bar.
    Triumph Aero Screen
    Triumph Rear Stand Bobbins
    Skyking Tail Sliders
    Rizmo Bar Ends
    Rizmo Billet Grips

    Edit - Cheers, didn't know about image limit.

  2. Very nice, but you better cull the photos down to 3 in a post or it will be deleted.

    Terms and conditions can be found here
  3. Looks great.
    I think you got modded for too many pic? (just a guess)
  4. Very sweet............
  5. as i said before... smegging hot mate!!!
  6. Looks the goods.. Wouldnt mind taking one for a ride :)
  7. is it gold spray or gold bar..?
  8. Very noice!
  9. Simply Beautiful
  10. Love the colour, grey (silver) with gold highlights (folks and brake pistons).

    showroom condition.

    Goes as good as it looks I betcha!
  11. AR$E GROOVE! looks natural!