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Looking back, looking forward... my how things have changed

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. I don't consider myself to be "old" but every now and again I encounter a situation that requires the old cliché.... back in my day, or I remember when.
    Stemming from this thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40465

    Earlier this week I had one of those moments.
    I was visiting a friend that has a Wii and after having a go on it myself I was left not only totally hyped but also in a state of reflection about how far technology has come and wondered what was yet to evolve.
    The 4 adults spent the next hour or so discussing all the things that they remember from bygone times and how much of an impact certain things had.

    Today I still cant help but be amazed at how life has changed so much in 30 years.
    My first real memory of "the times they are a changin' " was in the mid 70's when my dad came home with a brand new TV. Not that TV was anything to get excited about, everyone had a telly, but this was different, this was a COLOUR TV. We were the first people in our neighbourhood to get one. Dad was the manager of a pub, and when they got new TV's for the bar, my dad got one for us. We weren't rich but we certainly felt rich sitting in front of our new 26inch colour TV.
    My house was crowded with kids every afternoon all mezmerized by cartoons in colour, suddenly I was the popular kid at school.
    Overtime, naturally others bought colour telly's and the popularity dwindled, much to my mothers relief.

    Plenty of other technologies have emerged since then and I have always marvelled at each and every one of them, but nothing will ever compare to that day we got colour TV.

    My mum on the other hand, she remembers as a kid when TV first graced our lives, people would gather of an evening on the footpaths out side TV stores,with folding chairs, blankets and thermos'.

    Every generation has its own inventions but some stand out more than others.

    What has been the biggest impact on your life in regards to "the times they are a changin'" ?
    What stands out the most?
  2. i will put forward mobile phones.....if it wasn't for my work land line i am not sure the last time it was that i used a home phone.....do people still have them in the home??

    I know i don't, although now looking into the net and guess what oyu need a phone line :evil:
  3. Times are a changing? well for me the biggest thing is that i still have my leg.

    When i was diagnosed with bone cance (age 10) standard procedure was amputation. It was considered impossible to save the limb.

    Anyway the surgeon we edned up with had some other surgeon friends at various hospitals..a and told mum and Dad..."I have an Idea"

    Well this Idea involved an initial 10 hours under the knife (or saw actually) as well as numerous other operation ofer the past 20 years. (I won't fill this with details. Ask if you really want to know.)

    Had to learn to walk again about 3 times due to having things attached, detached, inserted, removed, broken, fixed atc.

    Can't run anymore and it's rather fragile (understandably scares averyone that i now ride a bike)

    But i still have a leg...not really good looking but it works.

    Today though, what i had done is considered old. What they can do now is utterly amazing and makes situations with mending limbs a LOT less trouble. Not always going to work but a much better way of doing things than before.

    Ok, enough of me. So what other cool gizmo's do people have?
  4. ride on Drew!

    I remember our first colour tele, it had wooden legs, don't see many of those any more!

    probably mobile phones as said by stewy. power steering and air conditioning in cars is pretty good and now the norm. what about the increase in bike engine sizes - remember when a 750cc engine in a sports bike was considered a big bike? now we've got the Rocket with 2300cc, HDs even have a decent sized engine and 1000cc cruisers are considered average.

    I have a PS2 and still remember our game of Pong...
  5. Clothes!!!!

    Whoever thought bumcrack on girls was attractive needs their heads read!!!!

    Sure, there have been some fashion disasters with rara skirts and that era, but with some of the things girls wear (especially girls...fashion doesn't change anywhere near as much for boys, just colours :LOL: ), I think back to how simple things were many moons ago :shock: :oops:
  6. This internet thing has made a bit of a difference...
  7. I'm with Stewy, mobiles have totally changed the way that people interact, meet up with girls/boys (like through text). Gone are the days where you'd leave a message for someone and it was normal for them to call you the next day or god forbid, the day after that!
  8. 1981 a mate had a VCR and a shop that actually lent you movies :cool:

    1984 - CD's. Led to the death of the LP record and was soon followed by the cassette

    1990's - DVD's - although the VCR is still hanging in there

    This millenium - GPS, MP3 and digital camera - on their own all great advancements, and now I have them all in my PDA phone - IMHO, that's pretty amazing technology.
  9. My mum sold her SR250 for $1150 so she could buy a VCR for $850 and join a video library for $325 a year plus video hire, this was in 1982.
  10. LOL, I often find myself saying "when I was your age" to my nephew and neice (13 and 11 yrs old) - which makes me feel old... but I'm only 37!LOL. ...they can't believe some of the things we did without when I was there age... mobile phones, pc's, VCR, DVD, MP3 players, game boy, Nike shoes, pocket money ... etc etc

    One change I would really like to see reversed is the trend of late night lonely boy adds, late night quiz shows and late night advertorials!
  11. What was the best thing, before the bread slicer was invented?
  12. At the ripe age of 21, back many moons ago when i was 5 or 6 (lol)
    i remember sitting in my dad's work van where he had one of those old school carphones! :shock: :LOL: I used to LOVE jumping in and pretending to talk to people and back then i thought it was soooo cool!

    These days kids as young as 6-7 have mobiles...
    Parental paranoia?

    One of the most significant advances that i really connect with is brain surgery... I had a tumour that was removed from my brain via endoscopic non evasive surgery (aka keyhole surgery)
    I am only left with a small dent in my head, no visible scarring and only spent 3 days in hospital!!!!!!!!!!

    Back 30 years ago i would have been lucky enough for them just to find it let alone cut me ear to ear, probabaly having to spend months in rehab!

    The medical field in general has advanced beyond belief with new techniques/surgeries and cures being discovered all the time and i believe we still have so much more to go...
  13. better arrange a session with the psychologist then because I got my hand in the air! though you will note I made one change to your wording, girls are too young for me...
  14. hey jamie.. wonder if they took too much.. would explain alot about you hahahaha.. kidding mate. i didnt know that about you.. i think ive told you about my mate in tassie ho had the brain tumor removed??

    its funny to see medical advances, alot of them are based around computer tech.. glasses are pretty old school no, contact lenses are the norm, and its not uncommon for people to pay for laser surgery.. and thats got nothing to do with star wars at all.
    knee surgery is one that stands out to me. mum had a less severe operation 15 years ago.. 2 weeks in hospital, and a huge scar probably 20CM long over her knee with stitches. i wasnt even in overnight, have 3 small scares that you can barely notice, and had some organic style glue used and didnt even have stitches.

    atari 2600 and commodore 64.. now its xbox 360 and PS3. im sure if you had said to someone in the 80's that in 20 years time, kids will be playing games over a thing called the internet with people in entirely different countries for fun, you would get institutionalised. okay, so not just kids.
  15. Moving away from technology just look at the changes around you and improvements to the roads.

    I can remember when the West Gate Freeway stopped at Williamstown Rd because the bridge wasn't finished yet.

    Or the fact the Mulgrave & Sth Eastern freeways weren't linked, and when they did link them they put in bloody traffic lights :shock:

    Or the fact you had to drive through Euroa, Benalla & Wangaratta heading up the Hume.

    What Ring Road.

    What Moto GP

    What F1 GP in Adelaide, let alone Albert Park.

    I can remember when places like Tarneit, Sydenham, Greenvale, Mernda, Pakenham and so on where just open paddocks.

    Drew spoke about his leg "problem" well several members on here would no longer be with us if they'd crashed 20 years ago with the advances in emergency medical treatments and paramedic training.

    Someone like Hornet600 with a bit over 10 years on me could probably list even more changes that he's seen in the world compared to my meagre 43 years on this planet.
  16. i am with Chilliman on this one, ladies bumcracks :woot:
  17. Seat belts, baby capsuals etc.

    When we were kids mum & dad would load the 5 of us kids & extras into the back of the hiace van, no seats just a foam settee, bean bags along with motor cross gear, maybe the odd dirt bike or 2.

    Jesus the gear & number of kids that were in the back of that thing @ times.

    Oh & another car we had, a rambler, we were all even younger, all sittin in the back, ( again no seat belts ) was a big deal going to fat mac's for dinner. We go to leave, dad thought car was in reverse, but nope in drive, big jault forward & oppps down goes the fence, kids, food every where :LOL: but hell we still laugh about it to this very day.
  18. This isn't directly related, but everytime i walk into a MickyDees i get that nostalgic feeling:
    Growing up the softserves use to be 30c, everynow and then Dad would give me 30cents so i could get one, and if i was polite and smiled then i would get a really large serve which made me extra happy :tantrum: :dance:
    skip to 2007, softserves 50c WTF?!?!... sighs. :furious: and to make matters worse when i smile at the counter chick,i get a dirty look... followed the manager escorting me off the premise. :p

    ah shucks, those were the days when i could get an extra large serving with just a smile...
  19. hmm buying lunch for 20cents
    but i think the biggest was the video for me
    I remember my first colour tv but i think everyone had one by then :(
    But i think we were in the first group to get a beta video :LOL:
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