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Looking at VTR250s

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by undii, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    I'm taking a look at some VTR 250s for sale tomorrow and wondering if people know of (common) faults to look for? Anything specific I should be looking for or so. I am taking a look at https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=used_bike_guide but seeing if anyone can help with specifically with VTRs :)


  2. Can't say I know of any "common faults" with them. Mine was immaculate when I bought it last year.

    The used bike guide you have (from the forum) is an excellent starter. It took it with me when out shopping.

    Good luck with it, and EXCELLENT CHOICE OF BIKE!! :D
  3. Sounds good.. Cheers. And hopefully we'll have another VTR250 in our area (Im from caulfield south).
  4. Yeah i must say excellent choice of bike. Had mine three weeks i think, nothings gone wrong, as knightrider said excellent choice of bike.
  5. Just to let you guys know, I bought a VTR250 today. Very happy with it so far and I expect to be happy with it for the time I have it. See you guys out soon :)

    Damn fine choice!!

    Another VTR250 on the road!!!!!

    What colour did you get??[/b]
  7. I won't have time until early March due to family + other commitments. So in a couple weeks I'll be able to come and say hi.

    *edit* It's black. Since I live in Caulfield South, I guess we could catch up sometime so you can see it or something :)
  8. Such a sexy little beast!!!! 8)
  9. Congrats on your purchase undii. Hope to meet you at coffee night or an event/ride soon :D
  10. What Knightrider said - awesome bike and fun as hell.
  11. VTR250

    I've had my '00 VTR250 for about a month now. Really loving it. Only issue I have had with it is with the gearbox. Sometimes it seems to not engage with the clutch out but this only seems to happen when stopped and only occasionally. Probably happens about once every 200km. Doesn't matter how you try to change gears, nothing happens. It is easily fixed each time it happens by gently releasing the clutch until it starts to grab. It then drops straight into gear and works fine.

    I posted a message asking if any other VTR250 owners had seen this and one or two replied that they had. It doesn't seem to get worse so it doesn't seem to be a major issue(here's hoping anyway).

    I have virtually no other experience with bikes(only the 2 hours on a CB250 provided during training), but I would recommend the VTR. It has enough poke, is great to ride and even turns heads. I even had one guy ask me how big it was at a servo. He was stunned to find out it was only a 250! He thought it looked much bigger.