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Looking at upgrading from my SV650 - MT09 or Street Triple?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Booki, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. After having a quick ride on a friends 08 Speed Triple, I soon realised that my SV was not all I thought it was.

    Everything about this bike was better, the brakes, suspension, stability and of course - the engine.

    I don't want something as bulky as a Speed triple, and I have narrowed down to two bikes (open to other options though!)

    a MT09 and a Street Triple.

    Only thing holding me back from the Yamaha is everybody seems to complain about the suspension and throttle being twitchy. I have read no complaints about the Street Triple though.

    Yet to ride either of them,

    Looking for thoughts, opinions or other bikes that may suit. I am after something naked, no super sports.
  2. A str for the handling or Mt for the power? Tough choice but if it was me I'd spend a couple grand more and get a
    GSX-S1000. Power and handling!
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  3. I would get bored with the power on the street triple.
    Go and test the gsxs1000 or z1000 depending on your budget. A 2010 + model z1000 starts at $8000, awesome bike for that coin imho
  4. Test ride them, then buy the one you like the most.
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  5. Or, if you want to stick with a slim V-Twin that has oodles of grunt, there's an excellent KTM 990 SMT for sale on this very forum.
  6. If the MT-09 is to twitchy have a look at the XSR900, same engine but smoothed out and a few other improvements.
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    By the time you sort out some of the niggles with an MT09 it starts to get closer price wise to the base Street Triple but is still considerably less than the R.

    Once sorted it offers a very dynamic, engaging and hoon inspiring package.
    In stock form, although good, it is shabby when pushing things.

    As noted, the GSXS-1000 is insane value with heaps of electro vajazzles you don't get on either the MT or STR.
    I have heard rumours that Suzuki are considering discontinuing the line in Aus, not sure how true this is.

    Or do as 69SIM69SIM and get the Gentleman's XSR900 (which can still go like a cut snake)
  8. I think the twitchy throttle on the 09 has been rectified.
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    The stock 2013, first release, was pretty atrocious.
    The stock 2015+ (R2) is where Yamaha loaded the new base map and TPS setting to the ECU.

    It still suffers from Fuel Cut issues and can be a bit much on small transitions.

    You can enter diag mode on the > 2013 MT09s to enrich the closed loop A/F ratio, not so on the XSR900 or the 2016+ MT09s......
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  10. XSR900 is quite good on back roads and able to keep up with most supersports, just need to dial in the suspension. Give it a test ride first and judge the looks after if you are not into the retro look.
  11. We've got a 2011/12 street triple R for sale for $8.5k if you're interested. No issues, zero accidents, brilliant bike.
  12. Just buy a Tuono. Take no prisoners, you're friends will be considering their next upgrade as soon as you disappear into the distance.... ;)
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  13. Lol what is with the whole "twitchy throttle" on the MT-09, I found it perfectly fine! Though I do ride a 2006 GSXR 750 and the on off throttle snatch on that can be bloody ridiculous.

    Id go the GSXS1000 if I were you. Stretch the budget. The MT-09 didnt feel as "solid" as my Gixxer so I wasnt a massive fan.
  14. Which model year did you ride?
  15. BitSarBitSar I rode a 2015 with a pipe and levers. Don't get me wrong it was a fun bike, with an engine that has crazy torque from low revs, but the rear brake, gearbox etc didnt feel as solid as my GSXR which I use as a benchmark.
  16. Fair enough.

    The snatchy comment is a hangover from the 2013 model. The 2015 you tested is significantly smoother (albiet not perfect)
  17. When you say sorted, what do you mean?
  18. I'd guess this is for the rear shock replacement, throttle tamer, hard seat and soft front forks. Nothing one couldn't live with.
  19. I would consider myself a "averaged" skilled rider.

    If the forks are too soft and don't work properly and the only fix it to completely replace the forks (I'd assume cost at least 1.5-2k) then I probably wouldn't bother with it.

    That said I still need to ride both, the bike may work fine with the clickers adjusted to my weight. 76-78kg without gear
  20. I've upgraded the front forks (fully adjustable cartridge kit) and replaced the stock shock for a basic adjustable Ohlins.
    Night and day difference to the chassis dynamics.

    I've not done anything to the fueling, no throttle tamer, no FCE, no PCV, no ECU flash - nothing other than enriched the closed-loop A/F using the dash diag setting.

    Once the bike is out of factory warranty I will likely go down the ECU flash route.