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Looking at this baby in the next few months

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jun 13, 2007.

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  2. and :?: :?: :?:

    I'd like to hear your thoughts... :)
  3. I wish I was in a position to look at it. My eyelids snap shut when I sense one... One day :'(
  4. Well, would need to trade in the R1, there are two varients. The pimped one is around $32k.

    But it is a beutiful machine. Not sure on the servicing costs though! :shock:
  5. the 312 in the name comes from the top speed reached in testing... 312km/h :shock:
  6. I beleive so, but the one you get on road is not fully tuned for that speed. I have been told max speed on track out of the box is around ~290. My R1 (2007 model) does around 265-270, before peaking.

    The 2007 R1 needs several things, race airfilter, power commander, race exhaust and braided lines. And dyno'ed of course :p
    With these the R1 should peal at 187mph, 199kph :shock:

    MV Power from the stock model can be improved by having the CPU map changed. :LOL: :LOL: ~310 (193mph) rest is history! :grin:
  7. The MV puts out 136.5kW @ 12,400rpm and 115Nm @ 10k, weighs 192kg though... Apparently an Italian journo had to take the mirrors off before being able to hit the top speed. The journo for Two Wheels didn't have a long enough straight for it, so had to live with only going up to 285 or so

    edit - interesting article here