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Looking at old 4cyl 250's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HUZI, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Hello I've been wanting to go for my l's for ages and I already have my car P's and my friends who who have an R3 and a CBR300 have both been been egging me on to get them because they made sound like so much fun. I've been researching bikes for a while now and really like the look of old late 80's to early 2000's bikes such as the ZXR250, CBR250RR, GSXR250 and FZR250 as well the NSR150 (though purely out of the novelty of having a road 2 stroke). I just wanted to get some expert opinions and beginners opinions on what I should get?

  2. I totally agree, I love the look of the earlier fully faired bikes with the boxy style. I desperately wanted a CBR250RR or a GPX250R when I was in your shoes but everyone I spoke to advised me they weren't a good option for an everyday ride. I'm no expert and it made me look at something a bit newer, especially since I have no mechanical skills for repairing a motorcycle.
  3. something without expensive japanese fairings.....
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  4. Mate... my opinion and the one you don't want to hear is get naked 250/400 and learn to ride. Something like a second hand VTR250 or even the awesome CB400 yeah they may look crap, but once you've done you time on that then get a really nice bike. It's really nice having a new R3 or a CBR300 but so many are dropped and the insurance is like handing over you first born.

    And I reckon the VTR or CB would easily keep up with the 300 sports bikes..
  5. ... Its heaps of fun passing big bikes on the vtr. I passed 13 Harleys in one trip up mac pass last year, and they were all over the road trying not to be.

    And when it falls over... I don't care
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    But the fairing aren't that expensive compared to newer bikes at least, like 300 on ebay for new painted zx2r fairings

    Ok sweet! The only thing is I've heard that naked bikes can get tiring especially on highways which I'll have to ride everyday to school for half an hour or isn't that very long??

    Ironically I wouldn't mind putting a tyga kit on one of these, i like the front end however I find the tails a bit too boxy. I just love the sound and even if it's not a fast bike a bike that feels fast seems pretty good and maybe safer
  7. Good to hear.. ok fairings can make a difference, but it's on a bit ....

    The VTR250 are small, light and nimble easy to service yourself and good resale value....
  8. I just got my Ls and I was looking at a cbr250, chatted to my local dealer and he basically said get a naked bike that is a bit more comfortable and wont break if dropped, I got the same advice here. I picked up a vtr250 2001 for a steal, did a little work myself and I love her.
  9. I learned on a cb400. Well I'm still learning, but my learner bike was a cb400. My mate dropped it while I was visiting my sister overseas and scratched the crankcase cover, bent the gear pedal and gear arm and scratched up the bar end. and that's about it. Barely any damage at all, didn't bother repairing. Bent the gear pedal straight, bought a new one on eBay from a wrecked cb400, haven't even installed it yet.

    New fairings would have been DEVASTATING. Get a cheap bike that you don't mind dropping and worry about the looks of a nicer bike when you're more competent on two wheels
  10. I like your thinking. There are good examples of all of those bikes out there, but there will be 3 or 4 buggered ones for every good one. For what it's worth The ZXR is the quickest (well i have heard the gsxr is at least as quick but they are rare as hens teeth and I never had a chance to come up against one on my old zxr). The zxr is the most modern looking if you get the post 1991 single headight version, and is the only only with upside down forks. Both the zxr and gsxr come standard with an 18 inch rear wheel which limits tyre choice (VFR400 also). CBR sounds the best by far IMO, and spare parts are by far the easiest to come by. If you were interested in a 2 stroke I'd recommend the Aprilia rs125 over the nsr150. Its a better handling bike, looks better, superior build quality, and its got electric start
  11. No mate, 30 mins on a naked is not tiring. All day on naked is tiring...so don't worry about it.
  12. A fair bit depends on what size you are and how fit and bendy you are.

    Of the 4 cylinder 250's the Suzi Across is probably the nearest to being comfortable.

    The ZXR is slightly bigger than the baby blade.

    Biggest problem, apart from comfort, is that the 4s need to be ridden in their rev-range.... not really learner friendly.

    The wee 125 two-strokes also suffer from needing to be ridden quite <cough> positively.

    One thing in favour of the 125 strokers, like the Aprilia RS125 and Cagiva Mito, is that they are slightly less likely to have been mistreated by a succession of learners.
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  13. I owned a CBR250R '89 model. It was my only transport for about 1.5 years. Great bikes. I used to strap a bag on the back, one on the tank and a back pack and head off on it.

    My girlfriend many years ago had one of the RR's too, don't be dis waded, they are nice bike that can be ridden everyday. True, being a four cylinder 250, they do like revs though.

    The only negative is they are getting on in years now..
  14. That is, of course, the problem, and some of those years were likely in the hands of learners who may not have treated the BabyBlade all that well.

    I have, some time ago, ridden a BabyBlade which was in top nick.

    It worked brilliantly, it had fresh sticky tyres on, and it was a complete joy......apart from me having to be helped to get off the thing when I returned it to it's rightful owner. :confused:
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  15. My first bike was a cbr250rr and it was a great bike to learn on and a lot of fun.

    How mechanically inclined are you? I bought my cbr for $1000 and spent a lot of time and effort working on it myself - after the fork rebuild it really opened it up and came into it's own.

    Given that they are over 20-years old be prepared to do a bit of work (or spend some money) to get things working the way that they were designed to. Once they have had some maintenance/repairs done in the critical areas to bring them up to spec they are a brilliant bike.

    My current bike is an RVF400 which is also 20 years old and with the right work it rides like it did 20 years ago.
  16. I'm not a mechanic but I'm pretty good at fixing things and my friend just inherited an CBRRR and fixed it himself so I've got a mate with a bit knowledge and I would be happy to put some effort into it.

    from what I've looked at they are far more expensive than the the old 4cyl hence why I was looking at them because their old and won't matter if they're but still a nice bike.

    IMPO I think I'll just go with the CBR or the ZXR they're so cheap and I don't mind putting a bit in to get it going. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience between them and see which is better.
  17. That's all the experience you need mate - these are a perfect bike to learn on and hone both your riding and mechanical skills. The reason that I ask is that there are lots of people that have absolutely no idea on how to use tools and end up making a mess of their bike.

    There are also plenty of cbr forums with tutorials on how to keep it up to spec.

    If you have any questions on about cbr's let me know
  18. I am basically doing this with my 2001 VTR250, about to rebuild the fork seals when the parts come. She started off a little rough, I sprayed the front and read fender, cleaned brakes and all that. She came with a 2nd engine installed, new rear wheel and brake pads. I love her so much I would cry if I dropped her :). I would buy her again in a heartbeat!
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