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Looking at GSX250 for $3500, thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Calculus, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hey all

    Saw this motorbike in the trading post yesterday and contacted the owner and should be going to go check it out tonight. This is the first time I am going to look at a bike, what do you guys think about the price and km and year? The only other thing i can see that has happened is a fall on the left side (becasue of the scratches on the engine cover thing). Looks minor in any case. The bike has been resprayed black, i'll ask about why, but the fairings look like in decent nick.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Me, I would stay well away. Chances are the bike has been crashed (nothing wrong with that if all fixed up well), but combined with the km's and the price, the deal doesn't look so good. You may be up for major servicing costs, etc, so make sure to factor this into the price.

    There are plenty of Acrosses around with 1/3 that many k's and never been dropped for that money!

    I wouldn't touch this one!! $2.5k seems closer to the mark I reckon!

    EDIT: Sorry just re-read your post, I think you are wasting your time having a look. Not sure whereabouts you are in the world, but here is a typical priced example
  3. Yeah even from a dealer the price seems high considering the kms travelled, be worried if it's been reprayed especially if its had a cheap coat of black paint over red since the old colour may start to show through over time.
  4. The thing that is also worrying is that the seller doesn't know all the rego......

    I would steer clear.

    Cammo, it looks like Calculus is in WA if the location of the bike is any indication ;)

    :D :D :D
  5. Just got a SMS saying the seller sold it! Ohwell... I will look at a 2001VTR for 4800 dollars on the weekend as well as a 91 ZZR and will get back to you guys with the details on them.

    Finding a motorbike in WA is harder than getting the motorbike licence itself!

    Thanks guys.

    EDIT: also thanks to the admin (presumably) who fixed up the url in my post, much neater :)