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Looking at getting a HD 883 or a Triumph Speedmaster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dawg007, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am getting off my restrictions soon and looking at getting a new bike.
    I currently ride a Honda VT250c Magna.

    I have looked at both the above bikes and am undecided..
    Has anyone had any experiences with these?
    I would most probably get a second hand one, so what should I look out for?
    Considering the bike will only get used on a nice Sunday for maybe a 200Km MAX trip covering about 2000Ks a yer.

    Is there any major advantage in going for a EFI bike or are the carby models fine?

  2. One of those is a beautiful motorcycle, the other is a marketing tool made from old waterpumps and made for those that are to scared to ride a bike, but want to look like a member of the notorious "Sons of Anarchy" biker gang.

    Go the Trumphy.
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  3. A masterful summary. =D>
  4. What sort of budget are you working with?

    Personally, as much as I hate to admit it, I don't mind the 883 iron.
    The Trumpy is a good bike though. I would say if you like both bikes, just look for the best example that is in your budget.
  5. I dont own a HD, but yet to hear 'much' positives about them, I think the nightrod is the only model I have heard good things said about.
    If the triumph suits your needs, then go the triumph, you could do worse [and go the HD]
    testride both bikes, see which one 'feels' right for you!! It is going to be YOUR ride afterall, and what WE like may not be to your liking..
  6. The Triumph is a better bike in an objective technical sense. The Harley is a Harley. The choice comes down to which of those points is more important to you.
  7. Like the Trumpie....;).....the 883 is a very basic bucket of bolts
  8. I personally would prefer the HD. A very simple, maintenance-easy bike (hydraulic valves, belt drive, etc), great torque, a massive supply of aftermarket parts which makes it cheap to repair, very solid and simple mechanically, quite cheap to buy, and more character in my mind than the Triumph, plus better looking in my mind (well, very able to be customised to your preference). I'd go the R model - that is, with mid-set pegs, which is something else it can have over the Triumph. Check out how complicated and time consuming it is to do the valve clearances on the Triumph - don't they need to remove the cam? Compared to no valve clearance maintenance on the HD. But then, if you've got the money to buy a 2000km-a-year bike, and are only going to do 2000km a year, servicing costs won't be a big issue.

    The Triumph has more street cred in my opinion.
  9. Haters gunna hate....

    That triumph isn't fast either. I wouldn't rule out either bike.

    Personally would try the 1200 Harley as well. I think when you ride the trumpy and the HD you will know. Maybe add the Bonnie in as well.
  10. I am looking with a budget of around 12000 for a good secondhand bike.
    If i do get the triumph I think I will need to get a set of pipes to go with it.

    I am leaning more towards the Triumph as well.
    Is there anything special I should look for on a secondhand bike?
  11. That will buy almost new on either. Just look for service history and for crash damage.
  12. The H-D Sporty needs patience so that you warm it up properly before riding, being an iron head. And after a short while you will wish you had bought something else/bigger. In the old days Sporties were considered a girl's bike.

    $12,000 will let you choose from a much wider range of bikes than the two mentioned.

    "Fast" should never be part of your bike requirements unless you race on track.. my 2cents.
  13. Not really fter a fast bike. Just something nice to cruise on.. Not really too keen on a Jap bike at the moment so the optiosn were down to these two..
  14. Triumph would be nice then dawg.
  15. Have you considered the Guzzi V7?
  16. In the older, older days they were considered the fastest stop-light burner out there. Plus they can turn corners. The whole girl's bike thing is the last bastion of potential cross-dressers trying to maintain a desperate hold on their image of masculinity. I find it very strange.

    Agreed. Most litre bikes offer plenty in today's world.

    Yeah, what about the Guzzi? They're hot, dawg.
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  17. never thought of the Guzzi. what are they like to live with, in terms of parts, servicing and reliability?
  18. That's right matt.. late 50's and 60's they were the hot item for many guys. I think perceptions began to change late in the 70's (my old days) when larger and more powerful HD's became more commonplace and more desirable, although the Sporty still had some diehard fans.

    Thanks for jogging my memory
  19. As the ads said: Pull the trigger!

    They're way faster than my Bullet! Now that's a man's bike! ;)

    But your original point is a good one for dawg if he suffers from the sort of ego that cares what HD riders think. Where "girl's bike" talk has currency, to ride a Sportster is to tap into the HD ego thing and yet place yourself at the bottom of the pecking order. I wouldn't care because I'm my own rider - I seriously considered a Sportster when I bought my W650 recently, and if I really cared about this stuff I would ride an earlier English-made Meridan Bonnie. But as a motorcyclist I bought the best bike for the job. If I'd purchased the Sportster it would have been for the same reason. I think they're great bikes. Regardless of the brand or hype. As far as "parts, servicing and reliability" go, they're better than anything else on your list, dawg,

    But I have heard wonderful, wonderful things about the V7.
  20. Agreed Matt. Well said. It's a good thing we grow and mature a little bit as time goes by.