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Looking at getting a bike want it for road/trail

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bourkesta, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Hey people I think ive come to the right place to ask this question!

    Now I live in an area where there are mad motocross tracks about 10 mins away from where I live so ill have to ride there but i also want somthing that will go longer distance but still give me similar performance to what i was used to rideing.

    A honda cr250 2 stroke. Now ive been informed that the honda cr250 or yamaha yz250 cant be registered as a road bike and the bloke at the yamaha bike shop told me i should look for a yamaha wr250f as this bike will give me that similar level of enjoyment on the trail and also will double as a road bike to get me from place to place

    So just wondering if this is correct or if even people on this forum could give me ideas on different brands ect....

    SO yeah basically i want somthing that will kick ass on the trail like a yz250 but that I can register for road

    all info you could give me would be much appreciated

  2. I hear that the WR450's are mad, not real comfy on the road but.
  3. Ill be resdtricted to a 250cc coz ill have to get my motobike l's.
  4. Once LAMs comes in maan it'll open up a heap more options.. KTM525!!
  5. Seriously, I would just buy two bikes.

    The two strokes are horrible on the road even if you can get one registered.

    The hipo 250f's are very maintenance intensive, and again you wouldnt be racking up big k's on them unless you LOVE weekly oil changes / valve clearances, and you're prepared to rebuild it every 100 hours.

    Something like a 525 with 2 wheel sets (road and dirt) would be great, but even then it's going to be a handfull on a motocross track, and still very maintenance intensive.

    Trail and road is a bit easier, but very few of those bikes would handle the motocross very well.
  6. :? Have you taken into account the power to weight ratio? I'd imagine a bunch of dirt bikes would be culled, due to being too powerful for how light they are...
  7. according to the NSW LAM list its legal :shock: I was very suprised when i saw that.. My god after riding a mates 525 i cant believe they will be learner legal
  8. :LOL: With motard wheels fitted they are manageable, albeit with power wheelies in the first 3 or 4 gears. With knobbies fitted, it's a nightmare. On dry asphalt, in a straight line, with the throttle wide open, the rear wheel stops wheel-spinning at about 90km/hr.

    It just ain't a learner bike. Between the gearing, the torque, the light weight and the flatside carby which gives anything but a smooth transition to power, a learner with no prior riding experience would have their hands full. That's not to say a CR250 isn't worse, but making an idiot of yourself on a motocross track and making an idiot of yourself on the road are two very different things.

    I reckon a 250 2-smoke for the bush and track (if you want to ride like a nutter) and something more sedate for the road.
  9. How about a KTM 250 2 smoke??
  10. The solution! because i go scuba diving sky diving ect..... Yes im a madman like most of you, ive decided to get a car with the $7000 loan im getting like a vt berlina with decent k's on it, save up some cash then get my trail bike and get a trailer so i can have a shit hot car and when i get bored drive it down to the track go mad then get back in my car and drive home, all bases covered all problems solved:D best of all my mate works at a car dealership which his dad owns (good holden dealer) offered me a vx berlina with 140,000k for $10000 thats fcuking great:D
  11. KTM make a nice 300.

    Personally I'd love an old PE250 or IT490 :LOL:

    In fact I'd like my old DT250 back as a restorer.