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looking at fz6 bike anyone ride or ridden one, this is a Fazer 06 model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by goddie, May 29, 2011.

  1. Guys,
    looking at getting back on 2 wheels again, was going to go scooter, because of tendon work work done after last nov spill, tried to test ride said scoot sat but mick hone sales person said no due to rain, fair call I thought. So went and test rode the yamaha fz6, quiet bike :( seemed strange on steering [I thought been a while since on a bike] must say felt strange on bends found myself slowing down etc due to nerves. Bike with upright ride, found it to be comfy [could have been crap I was excited to be on 2 wheels lol]
    Just wonderin if anyone here has one, have ridden one, would like to know of any 'bugs' or pluses etc about these bikes please, exhaust under seat I gathe will heat up insummer time. Water cooled 4 cyl as I said quite, seems lighter then the gsx750f I used to commute on and thats main purpose to commute and the learner rides when they're on, cheers Godwin

  2. This is great news Goddie.
    The fazer is a great bike and once you're used to it, it will handle all you
    can throw at it.
    The biggest plus, of course, it's a Yammy......
  3. with the FZ6,
    that steering sensation you describe comes as no surprise to me.

    a friend of mine was looking to upgrade from a CBR600RR,
    to a bike with a more upright riding position.

    we test rode a lot of bikes together including the FZ6.
    shortly after leaving the store my friend pulled over,
    not wanting to ride the thing any further.

    i thought to myself, hang on this can't right.
    then i jumped on it and found it to be cumbersome,
    in a way that made it feel like a cheap design.

    even though my own bike might be considered as heavy/cumbersome,
    i can understand her consternation with the FZ6,
    as it just felt icky.

    eventually she settled on the FZ1.
    even though it has a larger engine capacity,
    it is a much easier bike to ride,
    and has a great feel.

    Yamaha now have an FZ8 available as well.
    i highly recommend test riding an FZ1 or FZ8.

    for the slight amount more you'll pay,
    the design/build quality of the bike seems to be much greater.
  4. I tried an FZ6-N and thought it was a great little thing. They have a very good rep. Changing to a different make / model of tyre, changing the tyre pressure a bit, it can all have a very big impact on how the bike feels. My 14 felt very weird and clumsy the first day I rode it. Different tyres, higher pressures, and familiarity - now I drag my knee and the pegs.

    That said, I'm still looking at a set of BT023s next up because they seem to steer nice and quick and lay over with very little effort, and that's what I want.

    Yes, do also test the FZ-8 and FZ-1.
  5. Thanks guys, anyone know who insures repariables writeoffs? the bike I am looking at had a minor drop and was written off.
    I might take an fz1 for a ride too, by the way, owner came back to me saying 19psi on front may have contirbuted to 'strange feel'. budget not allowing big spend at the moment so fz8 not in equation [money wise] seems like nice weather this weekend might go yamaha hoppers and see what I can try out. thanks for the feedback guys, not looking for a beauty queen but a bike that will cummute well and let me go for a weekend spin with no or little pressure on hands/wrists. Would go back to the teapot gsx750f if the lean forward wasnt so bad.
  6. 19 psi in the front? No wonder it felt like shit!

    Yeah check out the FZ1, i have one, i love it. Its a real pussycat low in the revs, very easy to modulate, but crack it open and you're off like a shot.
  7. Might just have to go the FZ1 as refinancing taking longer then anticipated, couple of extra grand for something worthwhile :)
  8. I hired a fz6n in Melbourne and rode it around the city and even took it down the black spur. I know what you mean about the steering lol. My biggest complaint was the motor. I don't know what year model it was but it felt like the cbr600rr motor with no cam change. I was riding it round thinking gee it's gutless. I thought I'd wind it up on the freeway and gave it a few hits and thought yeah nothing special, till I looked at the tacho. I realized that I was only shifting at 7-8 grand and it redlined at 14-15! So you take it out to 15 and it flys like a sports bike! But it seemed completely inappropriate for that type of bike.

    I am interested in the new fz1n though, looking forward to a test ride some time.
  9. Well today the bike was sold to a bike shop for $250 less then I offered only thing is, bike shop settled today, so looking at gsx650f now.
  10. Would risers and a change of rear sets change that?
  11. Well I went and had a ride on a cb900f hornet and I decided to buy it, hopefully to make collection this weekend coming.
    What are rearsets and what do they do?
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  13. Originally, rearsets were pegs and foot controls set further back than the usual position relative to the rider's seat. They defined bikes like British cafe racers, which were standard frames made into racer style bikes. These days the term is used to describe any pegs and controls, which doesn't help clarity. It's just possible the Hornet (great choice by the way) will have had different pegs etc fitted that move them back a few centimetres. Just make sure they don't get in the way of the pillion's feet if you plan to carry one.
  14. cheers Greybm and Bumblebee, I have read and heard of the terminology of 'rearsets' but was to scared I might sound like a nuff nuff when askign what they are.
    I can see the logic behind having them,especially if you're out on long or very long rides and you need a break for hours of 'comfort riding' you can adjust to sit upright and give the back a break.
    Shame not all bike come with some kind of adjustabale setups as a standard offering, then again, they'd take away some or part of the aftermarket guys money.
    cheers :)