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Looking at buying my first bike, need some advice!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Fixxer, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Gday guys,

    just joined the forums, even though ive been browsing them for probably a year or two now. In the next 2 maybe 3 months im looking at buying a bike.

    Ive always owned some pretty quick cars and still do, but ive always wanted a bike, so before me and the missus settle down and get a house, i think its time for one more toy!

    My background with bikes it pretty limited, but i had a yamaha wr400 up until about 3 months ago that i used to take bush, and before that i used to ride my mates rmz250. I Found i picked up riding pretty quickly, but i also found i seemed to be able to ride my mates 250 QUICKER than i could ride my own 400, which will bring me to my next point.

    Always wanted a GSXR600, my mates who also ride have been telling me to just go out and buy one for my L's because its only going to go as hard as a twist the throttle and it will make me a better rider, but after jumping on a 400 for my first dirt bike, i dont beleive that. Ive also read a number of threads on newbies asking about 600 sports bikes as there first, and the more experienced guys seem to think its not the right way to go about it.

    So im going to go for a Learner Legal bike, and here is what ive got in mind, all very different yes i know, but just throwing some ideas around at the momment.

    Honda RVF 400
    Kawasaki Ninja 250r
    Honda CRB250RR
    Aprilia RS125

    Keep in mind im 6ft4 around 112kg, and no im not big fat barstard im just a big guy. Im not worried about fuel cost's as it just going to be a weekend toy, and im very mechanicaly able so most work will be done myself. So is the little Aprilia to small for me and my weight? would a torque'ier bike such as the RVF400 be better for a bigger bloke like me? i definatly want to be on a sportsbike though, as i want it to use it as a stepping stone for a 600.

    Also what kind of rideing courses can be done after you obtain your learners?

    Thanx in advance guys, any added tips or advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Where are you located? The courses you *need* to do to get your license are different from State to State.
  3. i am in vic mate.
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  5. cheers for the links NSSherlock much apreciated.

    any opinions on the bikes i have chosen to look at from anyone?
  6. I've raced an RS125 with my gs500 when I was on my P's, Dead, straight road.. he was behind me, and was gaining pretty fast.. I tapped the rear brake twice, then ripped the throttle open on 3rd.. clutchless 4th.. again to 5th.. running out of road...

    The RS125 not only kept up, but was slowly closing the gap all the way (micro second glances at left mirror). We arrived at the lights, flipped our visors up.

    "Pretty fast bike" He says.
    "If we had more road, you might have passed me"
    "Wouldn't be too sure about that"
    "For a 125, that thing flies!"
    "For a P plater, you ride too fast" smiles (I think.. since eyes went all asian and head bobbing up and down)

    Visors down, and he wheelies off and away.. with no P's or L's.

    My opinion on the RS125.. If I were to chose my learner bike again, i'd probably get that. Sleek, light, definitely fast when it wants to be and sounds bloody awesome! :grin:

    note: I am asian, so I wasn't being racist... much :bolt:
  7. DR400 or a diet and a CB400. I haven't ridden either but if you want advice you might try a search of the "Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions" thread.
  8. cheers Archaeon, yeah ive read rave reveiws about the little aprilia. Ive actually come across a few fairly new ones in my price range. i know they can be a little tempramentle and a 2 stroken needs the top end done every 10k or so, but im pretty mechanicaly minded so i dont think a 2 stroke is going to get to me too much.

    Im just wondering what it would be like to learn on. I know if i drop it the fairings and parts are quite expensive but i can deal with that.

    A boy named sue - not realy after another dirtbike for the road, and not too keen on the cb400's but i will check out the thread you mentioned. cheers.
  9. For your height and size, all the bikes you listed will be too small for you IMO. Best is to try them out for yourself and see if you like their size, but from my experience, it'll be too cramped up for you which may cause you to have some back pain on longer rides.

    I'm 6' and have a VFR400 (which is pretty much the same as the RVF in size) and I can't sit on it for too long without my lower back hurting a little. (Note: mine has raised rear sets since it is a race bike, so might not be the same with normal rear sets).

    I have ridden a CBR250RR for about a few weeks and found it was pretty small, it is quicker than my Suzuki Across 250, but it is smaller in size and much less comfortable on longer commutes.
  10. Sorry this might sound dumb but for your lower back try some kind of kidney belt or something like that it might help with your lower back...
  11. Thanks for that OzzyDevil. I'm not having lower back problems with my commuter, only when I'm on the race bike for more than 8 laps around Phillip Island. I since upgraded to a better back protector which has helped me a lot.
  12. ok cool i know some bikes give people back problems when riding a bike for to long so i thought about some kind of kidney belt...
  13. A CBR250RR is going to be way too small, as has been said. I am 5'11" and found the CBR way too cramped even to sit on without actually riding!

    I imagine the Ninja would be slightly better but not much.

    Your mates telling you to get a 600 super sport are being ridiculous. They are peaky and would get you into a lot of trouble as a learner, both because they are illegal and a lot of bike for a newbie.

    Have you looked at nakeds like the Ducati Monster and Honda VTR250? They are still small but a lot more comfortable for a larger rider than the more aggressive sports style 250s. Still have plenty of power and the torquey V-Twins are great to learn on.
  14. im not really into the naked bikes, but i will have a look.

    a few people have told me the aprilia's are not to bad of a riding position for a taller person, and ive actually sat on one and they dont seem to bad. I just wonder how the bike will cope with me on it?

    also sat on a ninja and it seemed to be pretty good, never tried the cbr's or the rvf400
  15. Hi Fixxer

    Out of the bikes you have listed the RVF would be the biggest and most powerful
    I had the cbr 250 as my first bike and found after 12 mths it was too small so I got an RVF 400 which was bigger and my mate road it and he is about your size, he said it was comfortable enough
    I am selling my RVF if you want to sit on it to try it for size your more than welcome its located South eastern suburbs
  16. cheers JayC

    Yeah the RVF 400 seems like a good option, very nice looking bike as well IMO.

    so how have you found yours? reliable? how is it to ride?

    surely the 400 would have alot more torque than a little 250, it confuses me a little to how they work out this LAMS stuff. I know its on power to weight but...i dont get it.

    The prices on some of these RVF400's seem to be a little steep for an older bike, but im prepared to pay for something that im going to enjoy.

    How does the RVF 400 go compared to a CRR250RR? and what about the little Aprilia RS 125?
  17. Hi Fixxer

    The RVF is the fastest LAMS bike available in fact it shouldn't even be on the list
    They are a bit pricey but they have come down in price and that's because the are a powerful LAMS bike
    Compared to my CBR 250 it has way more power and handles so much better and the RVF has adjustable suspension so it can be set up to your weight Ever though it is a bigger bike it is easier to ride
    I love the RVF it has never let me down and I never have trouble getting parts. In my ad for my bike I have noted some facts from a recent road test done by AMCN you should read it
    If I was you I'd get the RVF
  18. The SXV550 is faster than the RVF. Not sure which would be less reliable though. Mine never blew up though.
  19. I love the look of the RVF no doubt... but if I could get another bike for just fun weekend stuff I'd be looking at the SXV550 for sure!
  20. Sorry, I thought he was comparing the sports bikes