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Looking at buying an 800cc naked bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shori, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have been an avid reader of this forum and have got great advise over the years. It’s time for me to change to another bike and like always your help w/t the decision making will be very helpful.

    Just about to sell my Speed Triple, which I love dearly. But thought of selling it now as I’m getting a good price for it and will be moving 30kms away from work in the next few months. That would have meant racking up kms quickly in a short time and the cost of selling will drop significantly. Anyways, you guys don’t need to know all this.

    Below are my requirements based on which I plan to buy:

    - Looking for a 800cc naked bike, not 1000cc. want to keep the insurance cost low
    - Budget max $11,500
    - Coming from a Speed Triple, I know power will be less in an 800cc bike. But, would love to have something that has a great pick up (good low end torque)
    - Will be commuting 55 kms to work round trip
    - As comfortable as the Speed Triple for the pillion. My partner will be with me on the weekdays for the commute to work. She is 5 feet 10’’.
    I had in mind:
    1. BMW F800R (hard to find something for that price that has done less than 10k kms) Does anyone know what the service interval are for this bike??? No luck with Google for some reason.
    2. Suzuki Z800 (may not be comfortable for the pillion)
    3. Yamaha FZ8N (may not be comfortable for the pillion)

    One silly q’s. I have this mental block that the second hand purchased bike should have less then 10k kms on it. If there is a BMW F800R that has done 12-14k kms, is that ok? I mean what sort of cost am I looking at to maintain it other than regular service? I will probably do around 12K kms in a yr.

    Sorry about the long post. Just wanted to give as much info as possible to work with.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    I think its a 10,000k interval on the F800 (At least it is on my S1000RR), I've ridden a F800 while my S1k was in for service, it was comfortable, good in traffic, heaps of torque.. Runs out of puff a little at 100ks compared to a sports bike.. but is great coming out of corners with that torque! Was good on the fuel too! Stock exhaust note needs a little work though :-/

    Kwaka Z750/800 is another in that market.. It's heeaapps of fun to ride, lots of wheelies! But is well uncomfortable, esp for the pillion!

    Also on BMW servicing, I have found it to be very reasonable on cost.. 10,000k service on the S1K was around $260, I'll ket you know soon on the 20,000k ;-)
  3. The MT-09 might be a good one to look at
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  4. If you can stretch your budget to $13,000 BMW are doing a rideaway special on the F800R (http://www.bmwmotorrad.com.au/au/en.../en/general/promotions/90yrs_promo/index.html)
    For and extra $1,500 I'd definitely go this way.
    I test rode one a while ago and liked the pull and light weight. Comfort was great too (specially pillion, out the ones you shortlisted is the best on this regard by far).
    Cons for me were that it vibrated way too much (inline twin) and felt a bit "empty", but nevertheless it is a great bike, and at that price I'd seriously consider it as usually it's around $16,000 on road plus you get the BMW warranty which is second to none.
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  5. Sry, thats right I menat the Kawa Z800...I just don't like the looks of the V-Storm and I think the GS is more expensive...
  6. The honda vfr800 crossrunners were trying to be run out for $10k a month or so ago.
  7. Thanks for your inputs guys.

    - The only GS in my price range is the 650 - want more power then that.
    - MT09 or FZ09 (I think they are the same) - will consider it. But I think it will be beyond my price range. Plus not released Yet. Any idea when it'll be released in here?
    - V-Storm and VFR800 - Don't like the look of them.

    Is it worth considering the F800R done 9-12k kms? They are going for around 9-10k.

    Also, for some reason I have been looking at the Triumph Scramblers. I know totally different ball game. But, always wanted one. But, I guess they will probably die with 2 people on it on a highway. I'm 6ft and my partner is 5ft10''. Combined weight of of around 155kgs will kill the bike....

    What do you guys think about the Husqvarna Nuda 900r...Looks like a fun bike. But might not be practical. As 70% of my riding in the coming months once I change residence will be on the freeway. But, I have always had a naked bike....How different can this be?

    Any thought...
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  8. Pretty sure the Nuda has been discontinued, parts might b hard to find later down the track
  9. My F800 didn't really start to loosen up until it hit 15k.
  10. Go ride a z1000 , I insured mine for under $400 a year. Tell u what come up to terrigal and take mine for a run down the old PAC hwy if u like
  11. [​IMG]

    2014 Z1000 teaser photo

  12. Thanks Basejumper, Z1000 is a great bike. One of my mates has it and he just throws it around like anything. I definitely let you know if I go that way...

    Guys, thanks so much again. I really appreciate all the help I get on this forum. The issue I have is I need something my partner can be comfortable for 30ks or so.

    Since, I'll be doing 70% freeway riding, my friend recommended I should get a four cylinder.

    Any, recommendations on - Naked four cylinder bikes with a generous seat for the pillion...???

    Thanks agin,
  13. Go and have a good ride on an FZ8N.
    I can't vouch for the pillion, but it is the most comfortable bike I've ridden and the 4-cylinder engine is a gem.

    I'm also shopping for an 800 at the moment but want a faired version. The BMW F800s are the sensible option, especially for possible long distance work but I think the Yamaha will be a lot more fun.
  14. Your friend is an idiot...
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  15. you also don't want a naked bike then

    or a lightweight bike like the nuda

    you probably want a vfr
  16. I'd just keep the Trumpy. Sell a great naked to buy a smaller one ? If doing lots of HWY k's 2up I'd go a sports tourer.......biased VFR owners' opinion ? (Triumph Sprint, VFR, Blackbird, etc).

  17. Why, what do you recommend or does it make no difference whether its a four cylinder or not if I'm doing 70% highway riding.
  18. He seems to be of the school that the more cylinders the better. Something that is simply dumb. Ask any Ducati owner (or for that matter ay BMW twin owner).

    I am a little biased but as someone who generally does a lot of highway riding I fid the F800 excellent. I've owed and ridden a lot of bikes. Merely saying "you need a four cylinder for highway riding" is particularly silly.