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Looking at buying a VF1000F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Screamin TE, May 10, 2005.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    This is my first post on the forums and i must say, after a quick browse around. U all seem like a very friendly and genuine bunch of people. I've finally found where you all have been hiding all these years! Heh heh.

    I know where i can get an 84 VF1000F for arpund $700, i know its cheap, but his wife wants it out of the shed, and i want it in mine, well my dad's actaully.
    The motor has be re-built about 4000k's ago, and to get the thing running and register, all it really needs is new fluids, plugs, a filter change, and a nice tidy up.

    What i was wondering, is, has anyone had any experience with these bikes, and anything that i should pay particular attention to before i buy, or when i am preparing for rego. I notice that in a few posts, there has been mention that the suspension is a little lack lustre, is there any mods that i could do to this to make it handle good, but still be a comfy ride for me and my girl?

    Sorry for such a long post, and i look forward to your replies.
    Chris :D
  2. So...I owned a VF1000F (85 - the blue and silver one....yours will be red with stripes and a different ducktail)....from 87 til just a month or so ago....I loved that thing...swore I'd never get rid of it...but in the end rego and insurance and maintenence on too many vehicles was not a pragmatic decision!

    So bottom line is, I guess I know 'em about as well as anyone in the country.....First thing you should know is that it's a bit of a cult bike - and so there are plenty of resoruces available on the net, and even still some after marketparts available still - like full exhaust systems!

    It is an AWESOME bike with one of the most fantastic engines ever built in terms of performance and torque characteristics....well for mid 80's bike anyway! However that series of Honda V4's (including the 750's and 400's) DID have a problem - inadequate oil pressure and volume to the top of the engine - and THIS is what gave them their bad rep...Basically if the bike ever got low on oil or the oil had degraded the cams would be damaged. I had mine replaced in the early 90's with slightly harder surfaces....one mod I never did but if I was rebuilding the engine I would have installed a kit (which you can still buy) that redirects filtered oil to the top of the engine - problem solved.....The only way you can tell how the cams are I'm afraid is to have a look....look for pitting and scoring....if you can be bothered (for $700 I wouldn't bother)...

    Depending on how many kms (you don't say how many - that is kinda important for any bike....) you may also have to replace the cam chain tensioner - not a huge job but not small either....Listen for the tell tale rattle....

    Other than that - you just need to look for the usual things you look at when buying a second hand bike - and that is adequately covered here and elsewhere....I would question exactly what "a motor rebuild entailed" - down to the last detail.....

    Bottom line, if it is basically sound...it's an awesome bike one or two up.....goes like hell...but of course with 80's chassis and suspension technology.....but for $700 some new tyres, a service, rego and insurance then it sounds pretty good....

    So far as tweaking the suspension etc - IMHO trhat would be over investing.....

    Drop me a line if you have any questions...no probs at all...I love reminiscing..

  3. Yup Chocolate cam shafts and soo heavy compared to the modern bikes but a lovely piece of kit all the same.
    I only retired my 750 two years ago due to car damage.
    The 1000 was an absolute rocket for its day and like the 750 pulled like a mad thing.
    Keep oil up to it and you should have no hassles just don't tip too many $$ into it it is long in the tooth and it's real value is is prolly under 2k in good condition.
  4. Regular oil changes and adequate warming of the engine before riding, and I never had a problem with the cams.
    Have Owned both the 85F and the 84R, and they have a great engine, albeit very heavy.
    Truth be known the cam issue was probably a bit overstated at the time, and Kawasaki have since decided to claim that trophy and run with it.
  5. I'll cross my fingers for you. $700? I'd have two for that price. I can't offer any other advice on the bike that hasn't been covered above so lets hope the cams are still ok.

    If it falls through you could always hunt down a VFR750.
  6. Yep I've got one of these. Currently off the road as it needs new cam chains.

    They are big, heavy and lumbering but this means they are comfortable for longer distances. Hardly need to change gears as they will pull in any gear and really start to take off once you hit 7000 rpm.

    Front tyre is 16 inch so you may be limited for choice.

    Just make sure you listen for any cam chain rattle. Other than that it sounds like a bargain. :D

  7. No! no! no! Mr Techno, that's not really correct!

    You are currently holding one for Jim (Iffracem) aren't you :wink:

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  9. Thanks for the replies guys, it is much appreciated. The cam lubrication problem is much discussed on sites regarding the VF series of bikes. I was just wondering if there are any other particular nasties that i have to look out for on these things.

    CHeers everyone,
  10. Nope...

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  12. does anyone know where i can get the cam oil supply kits from. I'm going to be servicing and doing a tune up before it is on the road,a nd figure it would be wise (maybe?) to do this mod.
  13. Pay attention to this. A mate had one (first year release) and from what he said they were notorious for not getting enough oil up (as you have found out). Back then they had a factory recall to attempt to fix the prob. My mate had to go back two or three times. Cooked two motors in less than a year (under warranty). He said he would never touch it again with a twenty foot barge pole. There are too many out and about to be a lemon. I always thought they were a great bike.

    Good luck

    Cheers 8)
  14. I have the early VF750F , same problems , you have to make sure the oil is kept topped up and clean
  15. You owe me big Screaming TE!!!


    This is probably the best off the shelf kit out there. You CAN make on yourself but you need either a metal lathe or you need to get a machine shop to make one (there are plans on the internet if you need them - oh heck I'll do that as well...here is one: http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~rblander/V4_AR.html )....

    BTW - one comment...the 750 was always regarded as more prone than the 1000....

    Have fun...

  16. JDM, Yes i do owe you big time. You are a deadset legend.

    I have seen an alternative on the kits too, where instead of getting the filter spacer, you drill and tap a thread into the main oil gallery in the base of the crank case.

    Anyway, i havent even bought the bloody thing yet and im modding already. hah hah hah.
    Oh well, have fingers, will fiddle.