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Looking at buying a new ninja 300

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Schiavelo, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. So i'm buying my first bike and (obviously) id like the best deal i can get.

    The dealer offered me $7,000 ride away on a new ninja 300. The MSRP on it is $6,199. Can i expect to get it cheaper and if so, how much cheaper?
  2. Given it's a new model and demand may well exceed initial supply - I'd say you're chances of getting a cheaper price are limited.

    If you really want a good deal you should be looking at a Ninja 250 instead.
  3. You're not gonna get much better than that, considering it's a brand new model and they're gonna fly off the shelves I'd be surprised if anyone was offered a discount at all.
  4. To be honest that isn't bad for that price :) I paid about 6.500 for my 2012 so really go for it :)
  5. Agree with other posts, that sounds like a good price for a brand new model. I would think demand will outway supply so your going to struggle to get much of a discount.

    Just haggle for a deal on some accessories or gear.
  6. Like above, these Kawasaki's are sought after machines, it'll be hard to find someone with stock for a while, and that's a fairly decent price for the machine that it is. Will that be an ABS equipped model?
  7. I wasn't quoted anything Thursday when I went in, but suspect it will be around 7. They're gonna ring me this week when they get their floor model in and if I like it, I'll be putting 2k deposit on it and picking one up later in the year. :)
  8. I'm actually suprised that they are that cheap, especially when comparing it to the 250
  9. I'll be quite surprised if the 250 isn't decommissioned.
  10. That's without ABS. Apparently they wont have ABS for a few months. I'm going in tomorrow (if a cheque i'm waiting on clears) to pay for it. Hopefully picking it up Wednesday!

    Thanks for the advice guys. Can't wait!
  11. where are you located? i doubt you will get cheaper than $7200. Are you sure the dealer was telling you everything at $7000?

    Also, there will be a huge demand for bikes so you may have to wait.

    From what I've heard, with bikebiz in granville you wont have to wait long, everywhere else you might wait till january :-O
  12. He said he one in black on its way and it will be here early this week for $7000 ride away.

    I'm in tassie btw!
  13. thats a good price! take it! lol

    a mate of mine works at bikebiz and we were talking about the 300 today actually, you'll enjoy it! :)
  14. Makes sense, though its a bit weird that they updated the 250 in the first place, if they were just going to get rid of it.
  15. The 250 may live on in other markets. I suspect there'll be enough parts sharing between the two bikes that the Thai factory will be able to switch between them quite easily depending on market demand.
  16. i would take their price then go to another shop to price beat
    then haggle down with some accessories

    a mate of mine just bought a 250 at the begining of the year. he paid around 6100 ish brand new incl all on road costs.

    so for a similar price for a better bike. its already a great deal.

    In regards to the 250 they upgraded that too, but probably for different markets, i know SE asian countries have a power restriction. theyre not allowed to have super bikes so they all own 250's and add intakes and turbos and exhausts lol

    i was drooling over the 300 a few nights ago when i first heard about them, but i must be content with my 250. only6 months ago before i can upgrade!
  17. Buy it...... As per all the advice above price will not be the issue it will be availability.
  18. Wait a month then buy a near new 250 that has droped its value like a stone in value for $5k or so, then another $2k on gear and training
  19. Wait for the ABS model, it is about $600 more? If you don't you may regret it, especially if you lock it up and when it comes time to sell.

    I believe that all new bikes will have to have ABS in Oz in a few years, will be mandatory in Europe from 2016 for 125cc and above.
  20. paid for it today! They said they'll have it in on wednesday ad that i can pick it up friday on saturday!

    Cant wait!