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Looking at buying a GPX250, need to know if it's a good deal

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Muppeteer, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,

    Well, I've only had my licence about a month, but I feel I've outgrown my little Honda CM250, it was good for a while, but I feel it's a bit small for me (I'm 6ft, with long legs, so it feels a bit like my legs are around my ears when I'm riding).

    Anyway, I went to look at a 1993 GPX250 yesterday, and I was hoping to get some feedback on whether it is a good deal. The bike looks in good condition, I printed out the checklist from the articles page and went through them all, there didn't appear to be any squeaks or rattles where there shouldn't have been.

    The bike has done about 82,000kms, and the good news is the engine was rebuilt back in October, and he has only done 25kms since due to injury (also the reason he is selling the bike). Would there be any problems involved with buying a bike with a freshly rebuilt engine? He said I would have to take it back to the place that rebuilt it to get it checked up at 1000kms, but that was it.

    It has 2 new tyres, new battery, and doesn't look like it's been dropped, it is a clean example. The only damage being a broken indicator stalk, which has been super-glued back on (not very noticeable, he clipped the garage door).

    He was asking $3000, but I've got him down to $2650, which includes a big bag for the luggage rack, a near new dri-rider jacket, and near-new boots, as he doesn't need any of this gear due to getting out of motorcycling. Does this sound like a good deal, and is there anything I need to check on the bike that is specific to this model? A picture is below.


    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I was trying to give as much info as I could to allow for more informed opinions!

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Sounds like a good deal to me. I paid $2500 for my 93 GPX from a dealer, about the same k's, original engine, few scratches.
  3. Sounds good, although wouldn't a gpx be to small for someone 6 foot?
  4. Na, it's too bad. I'm just under 6ft and haven't any probs
  5. 82,000kms is a lot. Now it might have a rebuilt engine but the rest of the bike has still done 82,000 kms. Make sure you test ride it to make sure it rides well.

    Ask him what exactly has been done when the engine was rebuild. Ask him to show you the receipts. Its strange why it needed to be taken back to the shop after 1000 kms? How much will this service cost and why does it need to happen?

    Do most rebuilt engines need to be taken back? Taken back just for a tune maybe?
  6. Is that really a 93 model? I thought they had different paint jobs to the 91/92s? I'd check the plate to be sure.
  7. i'm 6 foot and i ride a gpx comfortably...
    i got mine with 1600 kms on it (06 model) for $5200
    they're a great bike... but 82,000 kms seems like alot, gotta remember a bike isn't just an engine... the other parts have done 82.000 kms too...
  8. For those kms and condition I think $2000 is appropriate. Maybe a hundred and a bit over but that'd be my limit.
  9. Thanks for the feedback folks, it's given me a bit to think about. I was thinking that seeing as I was getting the jacket, boots and luggage rack with bag, it would be worth a few hundred more than $2000, I have since found out that the bike will have to go back to the mechanic's to have the head re-tensioned and other little bits and pieces after the 500km wearing in period. This will cost about another $200, so taking that into account, I don't think I'll offer much more than $2500.

    I have seen all the receipts, and I have spoken to the mechanic that performed the rebuild, and he said it was just a top end rebuild, and the rest of the engine looked very clean and well maintained, but I'm still in two minds about spending that kind of money on a 14 year old bike with 80,000kms, when I can get one brand new for $6,000 (not that I woudl get a brand new one). I suppose it all comes down to demand creating the increased price.

    Are there any alternatives in the $2000-$3000 range that anyone could suggest? I am able to use the LAMS list for SA, but I haven't seen anything on it in that price range that is any newer, with less kms etc.

    Thanks for your help folks,

  10. For $3000 you can get a good 250 with 20,000 to 30,000 kms with rego.
  11. I brought a 1998 GPX with 32,000 for $3500.
  12. How long until u get a full licence?

    May be it's better off save the money now and but a bigger bike (600/650cc?) as soon as u can.
  13. Dont wait and get a larger bike. You need to develop your skills on a smaller bike first. Going for a big bike straight up is a good way to die.

    That price for the gpx sounds pretty good. If I was in your position I'd buy it. The gear and extras make it worthwhile. If the chain/sprockets are in good order the only other thing you may need to do is head stem bearings at that mileage.[/quote]
  14. Well, he still has his CM250 right? What I mean is keep using it until he can get a bigger bike.
  15. I wouldnt think there would be much of a loss if you bought the bike and sold it within a year. The L legal bikes hold teir vaule well.
  16. Exactly, buy it, sell it for the same as what you paid :)
  17. im not sure what the km's go up to on the gpx but if u ride it for 20 thousand k's it will read 2,000 and u can sell for a grand more than u got it for.
  18. I like your thinking, but I'm not sure who would believe that a 14 year old bike had only done 2000kms, unless it was absolutely pristine! :grin:

    I'll be going back on Sunday to have another look at it, and hopefully I'll get a mechanically minded mate to come along and check it out for me. Otherwise, is there anyone in SA who knows more than diddly-squat about Kawasaki GPX250's that could come and check it out with me on the weekend?