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looking at buying a cbr1000rr this week

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyro_02, May 14, 2012.

  1. cbr1000rr 2006
    just a question, its going to cost $8,000, 12 months reg, full service, i know the person who is selling it , he says the timing chain or something needs doing, is this a common thing to go on the bike? its a little noisy.. hes will include a complete service on the bike before i pick it up, 30,000km

    i am having doubts - i just done want any problems down the track, but i guess i know it will be done, it would be better buying this bike than a bike that i know that hasn't been done...

    stepping up from a 250cc to a 1000cc(I'm actually worried, i really don't trust my self - but hey, you only live once :p), will be very excited in the end - have had my full bike license for 5 or 6 years(i think - i forgot exactly haha), just lazy to upgrade ...

  2. Timing chain at 30,000? I would not think so. Could have had a hard life?
  3. i'd assume it's had a hard life, however.. providing the full service is done; should be as good as new ?? unless its more severe...??

    what would be an ideal km a bike of that type to have a problem with the timing chain(thats if it is that which is making the noise)
  4. Its more than likely the Cam chain tensioner,

    They go putt about the 30,000 kay mark,

    It sounds like a can of marbles about the 3500 Rev mark.

    The chain guide and cam chain will more than likely outlast the motor,

    Make sure when you buy a new one, Its the double green dot one,

    About $80-00 from the stealers.

    One bloke I know has nearly 200.000 Miles up and has put 5 in so far,
  5. cheers, what do you mean double green dot? do you have any information on that or a site i can look at for info?
  6. It has 2 green dots on it, Quite visible,
    It has two bolts and a gasket, Takes 20 minutes to change including beers,

    Do not pull the tab out until its bolted in, When its bolted in, pull out the tab,

    Thats it,
  7. Hrmmmm, $8k for an 06 blade with 30k km's....?
    I recon in all honesty that's a bit steep, unless it has an absolutely IMMAC body I'd look for a lower km one or push this guy down on the price.

    There are some serious bargains to be had if you're patient and bargain hard now that It's the colder months....especially on the old underseat pipe blades ;)
  8. I might be looking at an '05 blade, 12,000 kms, repsol paint (fcken sick),
    asking 6,500 only thing is it was a repairable wright off due to fairing damage :s
    (but immaculate now)

    or a 929 2001, but its the same price with 20,000 klicks

    600's are only a bit less so why not get a 1000?
    me going from a 250 too, f uck you all
  9. Do you mean this bike specifically, or bigger bikes, or all bikes?
    I'm about to do the cam chain on the Spada, and it's either done 106 thousand, or 206 thousand K's - I can't tell...

    That's nice, dear...
  10. Honda Blackbird, 1100XX, all of them do it,

    So I would assume most of the same types of Honda motors do it also, CBR 1000 Etc.

    Its a minor cheap problem considering how many Kays you get out of them other wise,

    Around 30,000, But I have 60,000 up so far and still running the original one, The new one is sitting on the bench,

    But most people on Blackbirds replace about 30,000. Thats from an international Forum,

    Blackbirds also rattle when the oil needs changing.
  11. cheers guys, I haven't told him I am definite, but will have a think about it this week.. unless something better comes up

    it is 2006, 12 month reg, it has custom paintwork and the only sign of being dropped(off the stand) is on the oggy knob, everything else looks good

    for me, I would prefer to get a bike that has the CCT fixed than to buy a bike that I know may not have had it done, and having to do it later down the track
  12. As others have said, cam chain tensioner. I own the model you are looking at buying and bought it with 60,000 on the clock, for just over six grand, just to give you an idea on pricing. It has always been serviced regularly, and had 12 mths reg, new rear tire and battery(yuasa), when I bought it. The bike also came with a titanium akrapovic half system and has all original fairings, etc. My tensioner is need of replacing now, and I'm guessing it was done at 30,000k's as well?

    As for jumping from a 250 to this weapon. Objects approach you at VERY rapid speeds. Safe riding!

    Mine is also one of the limited edition black versions. I don't know if the bike you are buying is worth that much with non-original fairings?
  13. Keep the right hand very light till you learn to handle it,

    It has Phenominal power, Like going from a Micro Car to a Blown Drag car,,

    CCT, you will have to change some time, Cant you undo two bolts and replace by tightening them up again,

    It fits in its own little hole,

  14. just a question, how much would it cost(roughly) to get the CCT replaced?

    the owner quoted me $7k without doing the CCT, or $8k with it done and a service(unless, that's what he calls a 'service' lol)

    also he told me he gets 250km to a tank of petrol, is this the norm?
    he put on a different front and rear cog, which goes a little harder

  15. I bought mine 3 weeks ago, $80-00 From the Honda shop, Local,

    Ring the local Honda shop and ask them, How much to fit,

    Dont you have a mechanical minded mate that can do it for you, It really is a very simple thing to do,
    And you can down load the Manual for free,
  16. Yeah. Get the job done yourself. Around 250km to a tank is about right. Just depends on how hard you ride. (y)
  17. Have you got a link? I use the Haynes, and wanted to buy the original, but was quoted over $400!! F@ck that!
  18. sweet, i'll give the honda shop a buzz tomorrow :)

    i have some mates who know how to do the cct, the ones who know how to do it own cbr1000rr's them selves, but they don't really have the time to do it, i'll just get it done at the bike shop cheers
  19. If you are mechanically competent i would recommend getting manual cam chain tensioners as they will never fail, some bikes like mine can destroy engines if they fail, not sure about the cbr1000rr. They require adjustment every 10,000-15,000km that's all or when the chain starts to get noisy. Just Google them they go for around the $60 mark.


    Honda ones have always been known to fail even the new ones, its not Honda's fault its just the automatic design, many bikes have the problem and not only honda.

    This is what they look like installed (VTR1000 but very similar)

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  20. Great idea with the adjustable one! I knew guys who would loosen the tensioner (on old Yamahas) slighty, wait for a click, then tighten it back up, so they could get a few more k's out of the cam chain. It's not recommended on all bikes, but it worked for them. (y) Mainly older XJ's.