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Looking at boots.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Hello all,
    I have only just started riding about a month ago and I still haven't purchased a pair of proper bike boots. The 2 main ones that I am looking at purchasing are:
    Joe Rocket Super Street
    Rjays Altitude

    I am hoping to keep the cost under 300.
    Just wondering if anyone has used either of these and what they think, or can anyone recommend anything in the price range.


    Edit also just found

    A* GPS3
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  3. Erm......


    But for the price and how it looks like it functions, might be worth a look!
  4. That's part of the reason why I got them - they're the poor man's Sidis!!! :LOL:


    "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul...."
  5. Dri-Rider Nordic
    Definitely Dri, and despite this, not too hot in summer.
    Comfortable, can wear them all day
    Zip goes right down to the sole, easy to get on and off

    RRP $169
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  7. Thanks for the replies so far, I do like the look of the scorpion boots, would many shops actually stock them though? Simply because I haven't had bike boots before I defiantly want to be able to try them on etc before purchase.

    With the Sidi boots they seem more track based to me and I don't know if I would want to go for another $100 for what seems to me as racing aimed extras.

    What is the impact protection like on the the dri-riders?
  8. The Dri-Rider is not a race boot, and does not offer race-boot protection. It's a general-purpose riding boot, touring, etc.
  9. Thanks for the info.

    I am not looking for a race boot, mainly something comfy and will help protect feet and ankles. Still to new to race :p
  10. you can ring scorpion to find a distributor. numbers on the web site.

    as hornet said touring style boots are simpler and cheaper (and don't squeak like they are full of mice)

    edit I started with a pair of AGV Sport Tour Boots. about $170. they are on bikebiz
  11. I've got a set of them. Good boots, can get a little warm when you're stationary in summer, toe sliders are cheap to replace (that's 5 I've lost now), and if you can get the waterproof ones, they're, well, pretty waterproof. :wink:
  12. Nah, I've got a pair and am a complete novice with zero intent to race! Got them because I wanted/needed best protection

    Virtually nothing compared to more expensive boots, and the zip can be a real bugger (up or down) when it gets caught on the inside zip liner! :mad: Know this from my guy's experience (and mine, when borrowed his DriRiders before getting the Sidis)

    However, with a budget of $300, you should be able to get some reeelly nice boots for those $'s :grin:
  13. impact protection is just part of it. your foot needs to move up and down easily to change gears etc but you don't want your leg to go too far back or to the side. ie the boots need to limit the ankle flex in 3 directions.
  14. I've had the Dri-Rider Nordics for just under a year and haven't been really impressed. The stitching is already starting to come apart and I've had exactly the same problem as described with the zip constantly catching on the liner. Thats from daily commuter use only.

    If you after a pair in this style, maybe it's worth looking at one of the slighly more upmarket versions. Haven't tried the Rossi boots yet, but they'll be on my list to check out once the Dri-Riders completely fall apart.
  15. I have the Joe Rocket Super Street ones and find them fairly comfortable and happy with the support they provide. I haven't had them for long but i have done a couple of reasonable day trips with them and haven't had a problem. They don't have a zip which seems to dig into my ankle a bit just an adjustable foot clip down buckle and velcro top that doesnt cause any discomfort. Walking in them is not bad either...
  16. anyone who has trouble zipping up without catching the liner, on any boot, needs to fold the liner in properly so it zips up easy. its not that hard, i do it :?
  17. :shock:

    I wouldn't wait that long, given nuisance zip factor and particularly re stitching coming undone: safety of your ankles/feet in an 'off' is already compromised here
  18. I challenge you to zip up (or down) a pair of DriRiders in one go! :twisted:
  19. Exactly, I can't believe people are damning a boot for THEIR failure to use it properly :?
  20. Repeat: I challenge you to zip up (or down) a pair of DriRiders in one go! :twisted: