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Looking at bikes

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by TazFromOz, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys. I'm looking to buy a scooter to get me around Adelaide. Something cheap, but that will go up to at least 60km / hour (I plan to get my motorbike license soon). I don't need my license to drive up to 50km/hr here.

    I have maybe 2 grand or so to spend. A bit more for the right bike. What would you guys recommend for a newbie? I've ridden a mate's little scooter a couple of times in the country, but other than that not experienced at all. How dangerous is it riding a scooter around Adelaide?

  2. Hey mate. I'd go for a 125cc something. Maybe bug agility 125, bowell 125, something like that. They are 4 stroke, so alot more reliable and will last alot longer. And they can do 80 comfortably.
  3. Adelaide's not bad for scooter riding. A 50cc scooter will get you to the speed limit here and as long as you don't try lane filtering you will be fine as long as you don't have to hit a hill.
    I do recommend you do the Ridersafe course or the Roadcraft + course so you know how to ride properly, you'll be a lot safer. Anyway, you said you would.

    Phizog is right, a 125 or 150 is probably a better choice in the long term but it all depends on what sort of riding you want to do. Just zooming around the suburbs, a 50cc is fine in most of Adelaide.
  4. I reckon if you are already planning to get your bike license, then it would be a mistake to spend your 2 grand on a little scooter now. If it was me, i'd get the bike license straight away and spend your 2 or 3 grand on a scooter/bike of a more appropriate engine size (ie 125+).
  5. Hi Taz!

    I'm fairly new to scootering, and live in Adelaide. I got myself a 50cc 3 months ago and love it. Adelaide is fine on a 50cc within the urban areas. I commute 10k into the city every day, no dramas.

    I bought a Zoot Classic 50cc which is a 4 stroke. Cost $2300 including rego and all onroad costs, with 12 month warranty. Only had one issue with a broken sparkplug a month ago, but Mark from Zoots came out with a trailer, piucked the bike up, and had it repaired and ready to go 3 hours later- pretty good service eh!

    4 stoke isn't as nippy as a 2 stroke, but I easily get upto 50kph in about 8 seconds. Top speed on the flat is 65-70kph 'eventually'!

    if you want a bigger scoot get your licence- i am quite happy on my 50cc at the moment on my car licence.

    Would defiantly recommend a Zoot too, worth a look, Peter the owner is really helpful. They are on South Road near Mitsubishi. Can't post the website link here at the moment! great value, all come with alarms and stuff, and just a little different than the Vmotos you see everywhere.
  6. looking at the TGB 101S

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I would probably stick to a smaller bike to start with, same as short-arse, because it's all I need for now. I'll definitely check out the Zoots.

    Another one I am looking at is the TGB 50cc-er. Ugly as all get out, but the wide profile tires, seem a lot safer to me (more stopping power). Apparently they TGB are a parts maker (like LG in electrical goods) that have gone into making their own fully assembled products.

    The bike I'm looking at is 2 grand including onroad costs at a SCootAround on Tapleys Hill road. The guy didn't seem to be in it for the money, as he advised me that, while the Bug Vibe isn't a bad bike, the TGB 101S would probably be the better option for me.

    Does anyone know anything about either of those to bikes and how they compare to the Zoots?

    cheers again

  7. Mmmm but hyosung is in the same boat, and look at the build quality of their stuff at the moment..[/quote]