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Looking at bikes this weekend advice please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ymosi, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hi all
    I'm new here. This weekend I'm looking at some bikes any advice would be helpful.
    I have my learners, so trying to find someone to help me test ride.

    I'm looking at two yamaha scorpio both 2008 models. 17000 &
    km on the clock
    and a 2007 CBF250 I have always liked the CBF but it has 37400km on the clock. This seems high. Should I avoid it?
    The other one I'll Probably look at is the 2007 CBR125, 3700 km

    So what should I avoid, and what should I be looking for?

  2. Hey thanks for the reply

    firstly to answer your first question... depends on your type!! some guys think I am!!! lol Im kinda your girl next door look. ;)
    Anyway moving on...
    Ok so forgetting the 125 which I had almost done except I saw this one.
    So now concentrating on the scorpio 225 and the CBF250.
    what do I need to look for, obviously maintenance/service history.

    AND I'm Checking these bikes out in Hobart TASMANIA.o_O
  3. personally dont know much about the scorpio...i know they aren't exactly rare bikes....but i know that the cbf is probably the more common of the two and if you want to save yourself headaches when something does break on your bike you will opt for a model that is common as parts will be easier to come by and possibly cheaper.

    out of curiousity ...how much for each of these bikes your looking at

    and not looking for a specific weight (damn touchy women) but are you a skinny lil twig...medium build or a bigger lass? this is actually bike related and not me being a perv.
  4. i seen the bikes you were talking about....http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/south-hobart/motorcycles/honda-vt250-spada/1015649562# ....what about that? i know it's old as all feck but if it rides alright then who cares....i'd just tell him you've got 2.8k cash in hand right now he can take it or leave it......i know it's a stretch of your budget compared to the other bikes youve mentioned but it's also a more well known model per say
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    That's way too much for a Spada. I paid $3,500 for my '03 VTR250, essentially the same bike but newer.

    ETA: And the other one you posted, "speedo needle has snapped" - would kind of suck to have your first bike without a speedo when there are speed cameras everywhere.

  7. the CBF250 is asking $2600 with rego till sep, The scorpio $2300 couple of months rego.
    I'm 171cm tall, at light-medium frame, size 10-12

    I can see that there are about 7 or so scorpio for sale in TAS and this maybe three CBF's.
  8. here are the bikes..
    well i was going to post the links but netrider won't let me:(

    so CBF250 Hobart $2600
    CBF250 Snug $2500
    Yamaha Scorpio Howrah $2300
    Yamaha Scorpio Hobart $1500

    So can anyone please tell me what to look out for when I go and View them?
    Know anyone in hobart who wants to hang out with me for a day, to test ride bikes??;)
  9. hey i nearly asked for her weight.... will the 125 be enough?!
  10. well with your build it's easy to say that you should try them both...just have a sit on em n see how they feel....no point picking a bike that you can't feel comfortable on.

    i can't remember their names but theres a couple NR members down in tas that might be able to help you out with testing a bike - perhaps start a thread with the title "need someone to test ride bike in hobart" or some such to get their attention.
  11. hmmm interesting.
    Well I hope I can get someone to help me.
  12. First straight up tip, don't let the salesman push you into anything. Make sure they know you are willing to walk at a moment's notice if they try to screw you around, which they probably will if you're a guy and DEFINITELY will if you're a woman. Read up on the mechanicals of the bikes you're looking at and make sure they know you KNOW what you're taking about and won't take any of their BS.
    Alternatively wave your ta-tas at them and giggle till they can't tell they're being played, then walk all over them when they think they have the upper hand.
    Either way, don't part with a cent on the day unless you are CERTAIN, and even then if you can make them wait 24 hours it gives you more power. They're there to take your money, never forget that.
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  14. Apologies for all the sexual harassment - apart from the stuff that was a bit funny.

    SInce you've copped all that, I'm refraining from the seriously funny Tasmanian joke that is making the tips of my fingers itch.

    I agree re: 125. My learner bike is a GS500F, and I've been able to avoid the raging urge to upgrade that seems to plague most riders - so far at least. It may be too tall for you though. At least get a 250.

    Have you settled on a bike style? Lots of fee-males go for cruisers as they have lower seat heights so they are easier to handle when they are stationary or at very low speed. Depends what you see yourself on though.

    This is not an attempt to get you to share vital statistics - but when I did my learner course there was a lass who was - um - seriously well endowed. She sat on a CBR250 and found that she literally didn't fit because of the forward riding position. She ended up getting an XVS650 - a cruiser. So it really does actually matter :)
  15. I had a GSF250 Bandit and it was a dream. Definitely recommended.
  16. I had a Scorpio for a year and I reckon nothing will get you to work / uni / shops or wherever and home again cheaper than one of these.
    If its a basic commuter you want, then it can't be beat.
    It has useful features like a centrestand, fuel gauge and a kickstarter if you're unfortunate enough to get a flat battery. I never did.
    My Scorpio never let me down, drank less than 3L/100 km and was easy to maintain myself.
    If your Scorpio should fall over its very damage resistant and most breakable bits could be replaced with accessory dept. substitutes if you don't want to pay the OEM premium.
    The motor has been powering a series of trailbikes for ever and is very tough.
    The Scorpio will manage highway speeds but is happiest around 90 kph. I'm told it will max out at 140 but I think the light weight and quick steering would make that a bit frightening.
    The chrome and the paint on the frame is thin and prone to rust.
    The bike is built in Indonesia but I think the engine gearbox units are Japanese.
    Hope this helps.
  17. Scorpio has the xt225 engine.

    The scorpio and the cbf are about the same, i would buy the best value.
  18. this was the main reason i asked for height... my sis lives down there and sent me a pic of a GS500 for $800 somewhere near her place... not sure if its still there. but if she's little then it might be a bit big to worry about...
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  19. I personally wouldn't go for anything too old & less km is better imo.

    Also while I agree with comments about 125s if you are small and the bike is just for zipping around Hobart it may be ok ... a bit like a scooter.