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Looking at bike upgrade options; ninja or fz6s?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by KBiker, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Ok so I'm thinking about my upgrade options to when I progress to my R licence in about 4 months.

    I'm mainly tossing up between the Kawa Ninja 650r, and the Yamaha fz6s.

    I'm not after a supersport; I basically want something that is fun to ride, relatively quick, and can support the odd long touring trip here and there. And I want something that I wont tire of in about 5 years (want to keep it for the long term). I wont be using it for a commuter or anything like that (I'll stick to my cage/the grungy bus).

    For the record, I ride a zzr250 now, but am definately feeling I need to step it up soon.

    Its really hard to find resources on the net about the AUSSIE version of the fz6s :( I see heaps of stuff on the fz6r, but not so much on the fz6s.

    One thing I noticed however, was that the fz6s had a (IMO) stupid circular digital speedo/tach. Seeing a few vids in Spain(?), it looks like this has been revised to a nice analogue tach/digital speedo. Is this the case in Aus for the 09 version?

    Right now I'm leaning towards the fz6s, purely as the performance seems to be better than the parallel twin of the kawa.

    Also, does anyone have a rough estimate of the prices for these bikes? I'm looking at getting an 09 model, and dont want to really spend anything about 12K. I saw someone posted an image of a 15K price tag on a fz6s; I hope to god this isn't the case :shock:

    Cheers guys :cool:
  2. I'd recommend the 650r (er6f) over the fz. But then again detuned 600cc i4s dont really do it for me. The 'ninja' would be more fun to ride, methinks.

    They're 10k +orc new RRP. So with a deal you're looking 10k ride away ish.
  3. As above + ride whatever you can to get a feel for what is out there and how different bikes behave. Another important thing to check out is insurance costs.
  4. the fz6s is an ok tourer. the er6n is a better bike around town.

    i have a fazer (read old version of the fz6s) and its boring. but it can handle the k's, cheapish to run (5l/100km on 98 or 5.3l/100km on 91ron) and cheap to maintain except for the expensive oil filters.

    ive only done 7,000kms on mine ( at about 400km a week) but it hasnt missed a beat. id expect to get some serious kms out of it if i can withstand selling it out of boredom and going back to motards.

    seriously its not a bad bike... but one you go tard... nothing else can compare
  5. i use my er6 for everything and it works. you can get a new one for 10K if you push.
    i comparred the er6 and fz6 but found the fz6 i bit of a moonga on the throttle as the power curve has a 90deg turn. the er6 is a flat power + tourque curve, comfy and easy as piss to throw through traffic while still able to hook into the old road or putty. gold on the fuel also and as its looks like nothing else kids love it.
    and with an exhaust sounds like 3 or 4 gtho's have just driven through your head.
  6. I must admit I have a soft spot for the 650r; bit of a Kwaka fan now (love the ZZR250 still!), and it certainly has a nice rumble to it. I was a bit worried that it would sound like my 250 as its also a parallel twin, but after hearing a few on youtube, they sound pretty hot.

    On saturday I want to sit on a few... cant take them out for a spin just yet, but it shouldn't be long before I work my way up to that :)

    Gah even shopping for a bike 4 months out is still awesome :p
  7. yeah but they have redesigned the engine and part of the magic inside makes it sound just s abit better than a 250. the induction sound at about 9000 is the real bickies.
  8. Had a look at the ninja and fz6s on the weekend, definately felt better on the yami, but both bikes look great.

    Pitty I cant take them for a ride JUUUST yet, but I'm leaning towards the fz6s for now... looks like it will offer more lastability, with more power than the 650r. Love the sound of an inline 4 too.
  9. Heathen! :p
  10. if your talking 'lastability' then the less cylinders the less things to break. im not talking from a biased view but if we all rode singles there would be less breakdowns.
    they are both could rides and the main difference is that the FZ prefers to riden much higher in the range as down low its got nothing where as the ER uses the whole range.
    then again the FZ sounds bloody awesome and having the pipes behind your head helps that. the ER is way too quiet stock.
  11. Is it the Ninja 650 or the ER6 you're considering? I thought the Ninja was an I4 (Same as Yamaha) and the ER6 is a parallel twin. The post started with the Ninja but is now talking about the ER6.

  12. ninja650r = 2009 new ER-6f
  13. Hi Kbiker,

    I am not sure which series you are looking at for both models, both are on 2nd generation now and have improved heaps.

    Both bikes are fun to ride but you have to ride them VERY differently.

    I have ridden both: 1st Gen Er6 and 2nd Gen Fz6s, IMHO:

    Er6: Very nimble, but the front end quickly shows it budget nature.
    Fz6: Less nimble by comparison, but sticks to the road better.

    Er6: When will Kawasaki learn?
    Fz6: No complain

    Er6: Much quicker offline but run out of breath really quickly.
    Fz6: Slower offline but so much more powerful when in power band.

    Touring comfort:
    Er6: Jarring ride makes your body tired quickly
    Fz6: Electric smooth by comparison

    Seat comfort:
    Both are bad on long ride, do invest in an airhawk if you plan to go touring

    More comfortable on fz6

    Build and design quality:
    Er6: Maybe it's just kawa's intention to be rough and raw.
    Fz6: Japanese quality is more apparent

    Er6: The bike has that rumbling character you will learn to love
    Fz6: No character, plain like a Camry, but gets you from A to B in one piece.

    Both can DIY easily, fz6 comes with centre stand which makes work so much easier.

    Fuel range:
    er6: 300km a tank
    fz6: 380km a tank

    Er6 is cheaper.

    Biggest issue I have with the bike:
    er6: Front end on bumpy road, brakes, no top end.
    fz6: Power transition especially on 1st and 2nd, cluncky gearbox, no low end.

    Online resource:
    Not sure which has more, I'd say fz6 has more as it has been around longer.

    You will have fun on either bikes. If you like short fun runs with plenty of twisties and do not tour, er6 is the pick. Fz6 is geared for fun as well, but it also offers a relaxing ride when you are not in the mood.
  14. the sister in law had a FZ 6 and I found it pretty uninspiring.
    Mind yout the 650 twin shouldn't be much different on the inspiration front.

    Have you considered the SV650 or the gladius?
  15. I think a 650 twin would be more inspring than a detuned I4 because of the torque.

    Rode a 08 R1 and found that pretty uninspiring in terms of engine power. :cry:

    to the OP, have you ever considered a Z750?
    pretty cheap and relatively good bikes
  16. Cheers for the replies guys, and cheers 650f for the wealth of info!

    But now I've even more confused :p What its going to come down to is a test ride on both beasts.

    I was alittle worried the fz6s was more 'camery' inspired, and the 650r gets around that by sounding like a rumbling beasty.

    As for the z750, I really want a bike with fairing. Not really into the naked styling.
  17. Haha cheers for the link, its funny that I'm looking back to team green :)

    I have a soft spot for Kawasaki, and I read/seen nothing but praise for the 650r. The Fz6S seems to be alittle bit more hit and miss with the reviews. Seems to be alittle focused towards the commuting sides of things, while the 650r seems focused towards the 'fun' side of riding. Remembering I dont want a bike to commute on, the 650r sounds good.

    On sound, with an exhaust they sound bloody great too; still like the rumble of the twin engines. Definitely a unique sound when hearing them go past compared of the drone of the I4's.

    Bah, I'll give them both a go and see how I go :)
  18. I've had a new FZ6S for a couple of months now and I'm finding the more I ride it the better I like it. The only negatives that I can say about the bike are probably that it could do with a bit more low down torque and the gearbox is a touch clunky. Apart from that it's just a magic bike to own. The build quality is second to none and the brakes are the best I've ever experienced on a bike - powerfull and confidence inspiring. The bike isn't the most nimble out there, but it has a solidness to the handling that makes it easy to press on. I'm a weekend rider and most of the riding is 2 up with my wife on the back and she find the bike very comfortable with no numb-bum syndrome after long rides.

    All the good points of the bike were brought home the other day when I dropped the bike off for its 1000km service, and they gave me a suzuki GS500 as a loaner. What a crap bike, poor quality and clunky with a totally breathless engine. Made the experience of riding the Fazer home all the more enjoyable in the afternoon.
  19. Of the two, I prefer the ER6, although the FZ6 is probably better for very fast stuff. ER6 is lots of fun.