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Looking at bike, need Enthusiast Adelaide

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aetude, May 18, 2008.

  1. Before 10 AM or call me tonight,

    WELL i've found a bike i really want. its CBR250R not RR but ah well cant complain, now i am going to have final look and lock it in, i need a third independent opinion someone with mechanical and bike savy..

    if anyone on here wants to help me out and have alot of mechanical knowledge on bikes, also be able to ride it. please let me know, there will be a reward maybe free lunch and a beer for you time ;) i and a mate going to pick it up tomorow the owner of the bike is SUSPENDED so he wont be able to ride the bike to my place and i am such a newbie i am not confident in it yet.

    thanks PM me for mobile number
    tonight or before 10 am tomorow if you have free day, its something to do i guess, we are also going to look at RVF400 might be buying that one too :)

    1.CBR250R is at albert park
    2.RVF400 is at mile end