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Looking at an 86 VFR750F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bensmith87, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Hey all, Ive been off restrictions for awhile now and am looking for an upgrade on the GPX. I have found a beautiful 86 VFR750F, it is $3000 with a RWC, for the RWC new tires and a new exhaust will be fitted. It has 55k on the odo.

    Anyway I was wondering what you guys think of the price and this model in general, I can see from other threads that there are quite a few VFR lovers out there :). I have put down a deposit, but before I commit to it your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'd be negotiating taking it to a mechanic for a good thorough check over before you buy it. We've done this before where the seller takes the bike in (so they retain control of it) but we pay for the inspection and get the report.

    Why do I say this? The VFR is a Honda and reliable, but at the same time it's a very complex machine. It might run forever, or it might break down in a week or a month and require another 2 grand or so to get it back on the road. Given that you're looking at a 3 grand bike, I assume that wouldn't be easy to come by...

    So do yourself a favour and spend a hundred bucks or whatever and get a full inspection including a compression check done.
  3. Sounds like a reasonable deal, should certainly be a lot better than a VF750 as far as mechanical problems go. Just keep in mind that any bike this age could have hidden problems so if you haven't already get it checked out by someone who knows their stuff, don't assume a RWC will find everything (or anything). Although if you're looking at this sort of bike I'm presuming you're already reasonably adept mechanically (if not you soon will be ;)).
  4. PS If this thread suddenly goes missing it will be because a kind mod has moved it to Reviews, Thoughts and Suggestions where it should have been posted.
  5. ;)
  6. I bought the same model as my first "big bike" . The one I got was in prettyy crap condition & I spent a bit on it . had fun learning on it then sold it for what I bought it for a bit later & bought a CBR600RR. It was a good bike but mine was in poor condition & did have a few break downs.
  7. Good bike, plus it's a Honda so 55,000 km shouldn't worry it too much. It's not new, so you might have some issues now and then but unless there's a major problem (and you should be able to pick that yourself by close inspection and by a test ride) it should be fine. Enjoy it.
  8. Ibelieve the odo's on that model only go to 100,000km before returning to zero, ensure it has not been round the world. A cheap bike may turn out to be very exe if something drops, esp on an old dunger that was V4 and technichal bike for it's time.
  9. Yep, and if it is a genuine 50,000kms that means it's most likely spent a lot of time sitting around doing nothing - and that's bad for things like rusting of the exhaust and fuel tank, and perishing of rubber components like tyres, hoses, fork seals, etc.
  10. Had one - good bike. The engine is as bullet-proof as they get, and provided nothing stupid has been done to it, 55k should not be a problem. The gear drive to the cams can get noisy, but you just put up with that.

    Check that the gearbox functions properly, as this usually goes before the engine, and repairs may be uneconomical. But saying that, there's nothing especially bad about it - just doesn't last as long as the engine.

    Problems I had: voltage regulator (twice), temperature sensor failed, rear brake lever bracket fell off (!)

    Oh, and the 16 inch front wheel is a wee bit twitchy.
  11. Wow, thanks for all your quick replys. I think I will have to get a mechanic to have a look over it. It sounds like they are a great bike, and go forever. Money is not too much of a problem, I just don't like spending more than I need to.

    Thanks again for the helpful welcome, and Ill let you guys know how things turn out.