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Looking at a Spada but dodgy gearshift, thus a question...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Gilligan, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    I'm very experienced mechanically with cars but I'm motorcycling noob so have a quick question.

    I'm in the market and was looking at a Spada today. Overall it could be a good deal, but....sitting stationary with the engine running and clutch in I could shift up the gears 1 thru 6, but trying to go back down it would only go down two gears, then nothing. I had to let the clutch out just enough to get things moving in the g'box, then I could shift down another two gears, then same again.

    This didn't impress me and has put me off, just wondering if I should definitely stay away from it because of this. Comments welcomed.

    Cheers All! :grin:

  2. I was told the gearbox basically only works if the rear wheel is rotating.

    Can you take it for a ride? That would be the best test. Even if you just roll it around and try the gears.

  3. Sounds like how mine behaves and mine works well when moving. I'd ask for a test ride. Perhaps get somebody else to ride it as well?
  4. almost definate that the problem you're explaining is natural.

    the gearbox doesn't like to be shifting lots when it isn't running, hence you down gear as you're moving/slowing down.

    take it for a ride, or - does it have a center stand?

    if it has a center stand, put it up on it and go through the gears with a bit of throttle.

    in my opinion the gearbox sounds fine.
  5. Thanks for the input all. I'll take it for a ride and see how it performs.