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Looking at a Laro today - what to check?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TYSE LEE, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Decided against spending 10k on a Yammy (unfortunately) for my first bike but having a look at a 2012 Laro Prostreet 350. 5000kms $2500 with RWC - apparently in perfect condition.

    As a complete noob, what should I keep an eye out for & if in gc worth the price?

    Help would be massively appreciated!
  2. Laro.......a chinese word meaning cheap and cheerful.

    If you are mechanically inclined and good with regular fix its and maintenance, then the possibility of an economical and basic ride may await you.
    Won't set the world on fire with either performance or handling, but then at the price you probably not expecting that.
    They are chinese so I would expect plastics, nuts and bolts and metallurgy to be, uhmmm, budget conscious ( poor quality ).
    Reviews seem to have an each way bet, though none claim any longevity.
    Laro Pro Street 350 Reviews - ProductReview.com.au

    Is it worth the price ?
    If it was me I would be saving a bit more and getting a 2nd hand Ninja 250/300 or one of the jap naked 250 - 650 lams bikes.
    Easily found from about 3-3.5K on.

    ....no matter how hard you try, sitting on a laro will not make you look like an accountant with too much money.
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  3. Thanks Mike! All valid points.

    What do you think would be a worst case scenario of needing replacing & the approx cost?

    I'm happy to keep low cost issues maintained as I do prefer the aesthetics of the bike more than others in the same category - however I have no idea how much a new gearbox or anything else would cost if needed.
  4. Don't do it. Buy an older named brand bike with $2500 . Do u like the cruiser bikes or u could prob get a ninja 250 for nearly that $
  5. Electrics are often issues with Chinese bikes, intermittent connector failures etc. Hard to tell in a quick inspection. You could try questioning the current owner but it is obviously in their best interest to "gild the lily". Check that it has at least had regular servicing, they should have an owners manual with the dates and locations of service.
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  6. Just consider the following:
    What is your time worth standing in all your kit wondering why it wont start......... and how many times are you prepared to do that?
  7. Yikes..

    Would the RWC weeded out most major issues such as leaks & current electrical faults?
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  8. I would think not...
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  9. Intermittent problems are notoriously difficult to find. A RWC will check that blinkers, horn etc etc are all working but there could be a loose connection that comes and goes. Of course any bike can suffer from intermittents but the Chinese bikes seem to have a poor reputation for connectors, wiring etc being dodgy.
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  10. Call me sick (stupid?).. but i do prefer the look of the Prostreet over mini classic cruisers like the Virago.

    It might be time i bought some overalls and some patience..
  11. Your call but I think you can get the general feel on this site is to go the other way.

    May help also to check out some user reviews - some like it others hate it... Laro Pro Street 350 Reviews - ProductReview.com.au
  12. Do. Not. Do. It.
    If you simply must have a Chinese cruiser, go the Kymco Venox. At least it's made in Taiwan. You should be able to get a lightly used example for somewhere near that sort of money.
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  13. Sorry mate got nothing for ya cause your going to buy it anyway.
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  14. Absolutely agree. Had one recently for a year to make a safe return to riding after 15 years. Good bike. Replaced it with a 700cc only because it is a much better ride with the missus on the back. I sold mine 12 months old and 3500 km for $2300 in WA. East coast should be cheaper.
  15. Sometimes people need to find out the hard way. Some say its the best way to learn.
    TYSE LEETYSE LEE I wish you the best of luck with the Laro, I reckon your gonna need it!!
  16. Would you buy an Alfa Romeo from the early 80's?
    Nice to look at. Which is very good, since that's what most owners ended up doing a lot of the time, when the bastards wouldn't work.

    If you like riding, buy the Laro + a 2nd bike, to actually use.