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looking at a ktm superduke..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JimmyD, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. g'day,

    i've got off my LAMS restrictions so im all set for a bigger bike. i know some people on here will say that its a stupid move to go looking at such a bike, but don't let the 15 months of licenced road riding fool you, i can ride a bike and i can control myself (unlike some people on a bike or in a car at my age)

    been looking at these mental bikes for a while now, and they seem to be pretty good value in the 2nd hand market, if you can snag the right one. anyone own one that could give an insight into what they are like. the old man has a 950 super enduro that i have ridden a fair bit, and that is very fun for a dirt bike.

    looks like the superduke has a fair few more hp on the super enduro, and would be hell good going around the twisties. im not buying it for a long distance tourer so i don't mind about the fuel range, and any bike is comfy on the road compared to a dirtbike, so i can put up with any sort of comfort. i love the riding position and the idea of proper handlebars, would suit me down to a tee.

    are they fairly flickable or does it feel a bit heavy. they didn't come with a slipper clutch did they? anybody use them on the track for a bit of fun? whats it like on small on-off throttle openings, is the injection fairly abrupt or is it smoother like the carby super enduro. i've also ridden a 990 adventure (injected), and it was very abrupt when you turn the throttle, too much for a 'dirt' bike. it didn't feel as lively as the super enduro, but it did have a few kays on it and could have been down on compression.

    insurance isn't going to be an issue.

  2. I'll let an SD owner give you more details, but I've ridden a couple of SDs so I can comment a little:
    The low speed running on '07s and later is much better than the earlier ones, although all year models can be improved with careful set-up with a Power Commander. In fact one test bike I sampled was every bit as easy to ride as my SM. But most of 'em, out of the box, are a bit abrupt.
    They are very flickable. Very.
    No slipper clutch, but it is a free-spinning motor for a V-twin so it's not the end of the world.
    SE has a different state of tune to the Adventure. SD is quite step up from either of them.

    They are addictive fun. You'll love it.
  3. Ah...a subject close to my heart

    I have owned my 05 model now for just over 2 years and it's an awesome bit of kit, sure it has it's faults but as an overall package it's bloody fantastic!

    The good points


    Astonishing brakes

    Very flickable but stable at the same time

    Enough grunt

    Sounds wicked...especially with aftermarket cans

    Insurance is ridiculously cheap


    Begs for a good kicking every time you ride it

    The bad points

    Fuel range

    Suspension can be very stiff on rough roads... although the right set up makes a big difference

    Throttle response can be erm...a challenge but you do get used to it

    Not happy lower in the rev range around town(if 05/06 can be sorted by 16 tooth front sprocket, 07 have 16 tooth as std)

    Begs for a good kicking every time you ride it

    I have done over 30,000k's in the time I have had it, other than it's apettite for tyres and the usual routine servicing the only thing I have had to fix is the clutch slave cylinder...which is a common issue. I have done track days on it...hard work at high speeds without a fairing though.

    On tight twisty country roads you will keep up with anything, the wide bars give you plenty of leverage, you have bags of ground clearance and more than enough power to keep up with most bikes until speeds hit 160+

    They are truly a great bike, they even make a ham fisted old bugger like me look half decent :demon:

    Test ride one and see what you think they not for everybody

    Here is some more info



  4. i don't know how you found all those threads, i searched but found nothing!! oh well.

    i'll have to get a ride on one soon, just to see if its for me. it seems my style of bike, coming from the mx background, just more grown up and for the road.

    what sort of speeds are you getting down the straights on the track? it would get pretty blowy without a screen but oh well, theres no fun in being protected your whole life.

    i ran a quote through insure my ride just before, for full comp its about $4,000 with $500 excess, but that would be coz im not that old. closer to 0 than 50 haha.

    for that sort of bike, the grunt that it has seems to be just about right.
  5. hmm, interesting! I have to admit, it's an awesome looking piece of kit.

    Is it possible to put one of the 2007 fuel tanks on a 2005/2006 model to boost the fuel range at all?

  6. O7 tanks do fit earlier bikes but by the time you buy the tank and parts you may as well have bought an 07!

    PS: I know there is an 08 SDR going cheap at Vision motorsports in FTG Vic
  7. damn. Sucks for me to be in brisbane! I wasn't aware that the parts would be so expensive!

    Thanks for that, will have to keep my eyes open.
  8. as Bamm-Bamm says they're an awesome bike. I absolutely love my 08, cant see myself selling it unless a new model comes out with the 1198 RC8 motor in it ;)

    Get around 200km before light in citiy communte traffic, 240km on open road.

    Throttle is twitchy, but didn't take me long to get used to get used to it, plus the akra pipes and akra remap have smoothed it out a lot.

    check out http://www.superduke.net for a heap of info on the bikes.
  9. I saw Bamm-Bamm's superduke the other day and he's just added pedals (stolen from his next door neighbours 3 year old sons BMX) so now the bike's got enough grunt to overtake my grandma's electric wheelchair (although he did cheat by deflating her tyres).
    So she ham-fisted him in the knads and when the doctors checked they found a plastic and asbestos filled dildo attached with heaps of masking tape.

    So that's why he's sooooo jealous of this other bloke who rides a 1050 Speed Triple. I herd that the trumpy management is setting up a psychological outreach program called 'don't top yourself becuase of your crappy superduke, it's not your fault that everyone else is better than you'. That's just some of the top secret motorbike info that I'm party to becuase of my high level positions in various organisations.
  10. why is everybody so unkind :cry:

  11. Truth hurts.
    Sort of like a certain type of love but that can be managed through the use of various types of consumable products usually available in tubes...
  12. It's ok princess, I know after you got rid of the CBR-250RRRRR the power of the 1050 motor was so intense even at idle that you needed a lie down, or was that your new bike is that ugly you thought it looked better on it's side?, gotta love those new oggy knobs:cheeky:

    Now stop polluting this thread with your bullshit, grown ups are discussing real bikes here...
  13. you two just dont stop, do you? :p
  14. so what we're trying to say here is... the speed triple owns the superduke?? somehow i don't believe it...
  15. [​IMG]
  16. make sure you add the bills up first before you buy one. I have a funny suspicion that while fun, it will be fairly expensive to run (like most bikes anyway).

    If you go this bike and take it on the track figure out much rear tyres are gonna be - you will go through a fair few.