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Looking after leathers.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ausfox, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Right.
    Been riding for a few months now.

    Looked quickly through the forum between kids homework, dinner, bath etc for info on leather care.
    I have perf leathers and have them hanging in the cupboard.
    Just wondering what people do to care for their leathers.
    And before anyone says anything. I only mean motorcycle leathers.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I use this: http://www.renapur.com/content/leather-balsam/
    Rub it on my leather jacket/pants every few months. Leave it for about 30 minutes then wipe the excess off. Good stuff, make your leather nice and soft and 1 tube last a long time.
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  3. Bug splatter.

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  4. I use the Renapur as well.

    One tip - make sure you rub it in properly otherwise you look like you're wearing latex, not leather - not a good look.
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  5. I use a product called leathermate. I was told at the bike show this year to avoid any product with wax in it as the leather needs to breath and the wax stops that happening.

    jibber from The Hinch
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  6. Is it easily available here in Melbourne?
  7. I bought mine at Mars Leather on Elizabeth street in the CBD.
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  9. Actually already purchased.

    Thanks everyone.

  10. Just be careful not to put it on suede leather, it will rub it right off.
  11. its easier to do if your leathers are warm. usually do mine in summer.
  12. ive been told by ozmotorcycleleathers purveyors of fine italian race suits that the best thing is just to use bog standard nivia moisturiser and rub it in every now and again, and to only get them wet a few times a year if possible.

    i trust their judgement and its cheaper too.
  13. I got mine from here. Though I should warn you that it took the women who sells it a month to send it out and she's only in Berwick. I had to email her twice and complain before it was posted, so next time I'd probably get it from Mars when I'm in the city.
  14. Never drip pie gravy, bacon fat or beer on your leathers. It makes them shrink.

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  15. i'm a big fan of leather ... and i went back to the future.... lots of commercial products that were expensive and utter crap leaving the item shiny and greasy... yuck!

    i then thought, leather has been around for ages, what did the olds do?

    i found the answer - cleaning - use a ph neutral saddle soap (gylercine soap) and conditioning - lanolin leather feed... i get the supplies cheaply from equine brands/stores

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sis.html?...n Hide Leather Food 250g&_itemId=400073740828

    use this on my car, and leather couches etc...