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lookin' for my first 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by carri27, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. time to finally let go of my baby ZZR250 and grow up, me thinks. just in early stages of research but bearing in mind i'm 5'6" i'm thinking of:


    i'm not a fast rider but i do want something more oomphy and stable than the 250. definitely prefer second hand (poss 2000-2002) 'cos i'm bound to drop it some time and don't want to be worrying about paintwork.

    any suggestions on bike and/or best way to buy (i don't feel confident enough in my bike knowledge to buy privately), greatly appreciated.

  2. add a ZX6R to that list.
  3. errr, guess???? :LOL:

    Seriously, any one of dozens of folk down there would be happy to help you with the private sale process....
  4. ZZR600 perhaps. If you'd conosder new I'd mention ER-6. :)
  5. friend just sold her zx6r to buy an r6 but on the basis she knows my riding style, didn't sell it to me 'cos she thought it might be a bit aggressive for me???
  6. nah, its a very sweet bike.

    Easy to ride slow and just cruise on and an even better bike to toss through corners at full noise.

    Just avoid Blanket Hill on the way to Licola :LOL: :LOL:
  7. The Hornet6 definately inspires a lot of confidence...

    Instant hoon, just add Hornet.
  8. Honda CBR600 F4i would be a decent bike considering the requirements you've listed. It's not aggressive, it's very very refined, smooth power delivery, and best of all you can pick up a 2001/2002 model cheapish.

    Aside from that, is there any real reason you've limited yourself to a 600? You'll be astonished how quickly you learn to adapt to all the extra power a 750 or 1000 has to offer, and atleast then you won't be left thinking "gee i wish i got the thou" :cool: :grin: :LOL: :wink:
  9. That sentence should be in past tense, Vic.

    The current and the preceding incarnations of the ZX-6R are both unapologetic, hard-as-nails race replicas...
  10. That sentence should be in past tense, Vic.

    The current and the preceding incarnations of the ZX-6R are both unapologetic, hard-as-nails race replicas...
  11. By the sounds of it youd prolly appreciate somethin with some decent low down torque. In retrospect i wish id at least bought the litre or better yet a litre twin(ie. sp2)

    Dont get me wrong its a nice bike but when your mostly riding on the street some more usable power would be nice :)
  12. Ditto. Love mine and I was looking for something that would be a bit forgiving when upgrading from a 250.
  13. yes but he's talking 2000-2002 IK.. and those bikes are quite friendly :D

    I sat on a gsxr600 work has for sale and i was like ewwww

    i like to sit on them to see how they feel... the kwakkas are still the best :D
  14. funnily enough i sat on a gsxr600 today and loved it...and its dry weight is only 160kg! but then i love sitting on any bike and wouldn't know if it becomes uncomfortable until i'd done a few mile in the saddle...
  15. hadn't thought of the F4i cos friends who ride them are seriously fast. didn't occur to me they might be forgiving. as for the thou, i don't think i'd want to keep my legs spread that wide for that long :wink:
  16. Jeez carri, you must have a good-luck charm to have made a comment like that and not had any of the resident drain-brains pick it up for over an hour :p

    {J/K fellers, OK}
  17. Hi Carri27

    I have a Honda CBR600RR, which I upgraded to once I got off my restrictions and I absolutely love it. It's an '04 which I bought in March 05 for about $13K. I find it a really good size, cos I'm only 5"6; and it's very easy to tip into the corners, both on the road and also on the racetrack :) :) (not that I'm been to PI very often!!! lol). In other words, it's just great riding on the roads, very easy to ride and manoeuvre. I just love it. Anyhow, that's my opinion!! Hope that helps to some little extent, lol...
  18. Yeah you might be surprised... Ive got some problems with my lower back and gettin round on the zzr could be abit painful, especially on long trips. I find the R6 super comfortable though, No dramas goin between here and melbs at all, i wouldnt even stop if i didnt have to for fuel...
  19. thanks for the thought but don't think i can come at the idea of an r6. interestingly there's not a lot of 600's in the netrider classifieds in Melb at the mo... maybe like me, everyone's too busy riding on the these beautiful summer days to be bothered thinking about buying'n'selling.