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Lookin for a housemate.. desperately..

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Matty^GTR, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys,
    didnt know where else to place this but as things have gotten incredibly hard atm i figured ill post this anywhere and it may be moved to the appropiate place..

    As the title suggests im looking for a housemate as i can no longer afford to live here on my own with my current wages and if i dont find someone within a month, ill be out on my ass :)

    The place is in reservoir.. its a fairly nice sized modern house, 3 bdrms, garage for the bikes, fully furnished, central heating and ive also got 2 a/cs for the warmer months.

    Rent would be $150 a week plus half on the bills n stuff :)

    Any questions just call me on 0402 294 989


  2. see west melbourne wasn't so unfriendly :p

    Good luck mate!
  3. ignore this...

  4. why? ...
  5. was meant to send a pm...instead i posted it up. my bad.
  6. lol i thought you where saying ignore the OPs post
  7. $150 a week for 1/2 a house is a bit steep. I was paying $700 a month (30-31 days) a few years ago for a similar house in Dallas.
  8. Rent prices have shot up in the last few years. Median price for a 3 bedroom in Reservoir is about $350 - $370/week so this is not bad value.

    Good Luck Matty.
  9. you cant be serious... 150 pw for 1/2 a house with garage, only 15 min from CDB, close to PT... thats a good price! i pay almost that much, no garage, and share with 2 people
  10. yer dude.. 150 is pretty cheap.. half a house??? hows that work??? u use every room in the house cept the other dudes bedroom.. hows that half a house?? u fail dude...
  11. +1 es and Matty GTR... garage is a must for me...
  12. Reservoir aint Dallas mate!
  13. It ain't far better either!
  14. Maybe I've been spoilt by all the cash rental properties around my area that don't deal with real estates and hence prices are far lower than otherwise.

    I was renting in Dallas which is also 15 minutes away from the city for a full house 3 bedrooms, garage, close to PT etc and only paying $700 (for full month). Stayed there a little over a year and the landlords were reluctant in letting go of us as we kept the house clean and always paid the rent on time.

    Perhaps prices have gone up in the last year or so.
  15. fecking cheap as! if i was in melbs looking for a place to live i'd be there in a shot!!!
  16. come to melbourne, less one way streets and footpath parking for bikes and volvo's...
  17. Hey mate,
    Good luck with the house and hope you find a flatmate ASAP.
    I am relocating back to Melbourne soon, from overseas. If I didn't have any accommodation pre-arranged, I'd be onto this very quickly - sounds like a good gig.
  18. yeah but you have hidden speed cameras...
  19. u havent been over have ya browny??? the 675 would look sweet next to the duc hahah
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.