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Looki looki :)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by vic, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. coooooolllll
  2. Can't wait to compare premiums with our current insurers.

    Hopefully they will make an impact on the industry, and will have the other insurers having to compete :)
  3. It is about time that there was a dedicated bike inurer!!! :grin:

    Looking forward to these guys hitting the market!!

    They have my business if their pricing is in the ball park
  4. From what I'm told, they will be there to kick QBE's butt.

    This is why QBE all of a sudden sent everyone a letter telling them of a few new upgrades to their policies :)

    Good to see IMR coming into the market
  5. If their rates and service is better than W-QBE's, then they will be REALLY good....
  6. Oh well, only 51 weeks till my first QBE policy expires :p

    So Vic - what's the difference between IMR and eBike?

    I checked out ebike and they were close in price, but only wanted to match price after I got another quote :roll:
  7. Look at the PDS for ebike.

    Some people are in for a rude shock ;)
  8. Now to win that GSXR750 that they were offering!

    If they are any good I might even consider insuring the VTR250.
  9. Any news on when they will start offering online quotes?
  10. The website says 5 weeks and 2 days so it should be around the start of March..

    I have had a look at the PDS for e-bike too... OUCH!! They charge $25 to make a change to a policy and even more to cancel...


    Does anyone know where e-bike's underwriter (Southern Rock) is located??
  11. Gibraltar - some small island off the coast of the UK. (I think it was skases second choice of exhile locations - very favourable laws and tax regimes....for the company at least).
  12. At least ebike have a PDS, I couldn't find one on IMR :?
  13. I guess that will come when they actually disclose their product :).
  14. ........
  15. They are agencies as well.
  16. ........
  17. Gibraltar is the southern most peninsula on the Spanish coast, at the entrance to the Mediterranean. It's not an island, but is still a UK dependency I think.
  18. Small island off the coast of Spain? Wow.....


    I feel better....now the pirate image seems more appropriate than ever.
  19. Not an island, a peninsula, it's attached to the mainland :D