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look wot I saw in the Garage at work this morning...........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oz_johnno, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. A 2008 Ducati 1098R



    Absolutely dripping with carbon fibre, race pipe, Traction control, the whole box of chocolates......

    It had huge chicken strips on the Diablo's but Hey, if I spent nearly $60,000 on a bike, I'd be careful too.

    A thing of great beauty to be sure. And the sound........ Awesome
  2. 60k?! :cool: very verrrrry nice :twisted:
  3. Unfortunately more often than not the people who can afford those beasts are also the riders less likely to be able to truely enjoy the soul of said beasty.
  4. Thats a fairly stupid comment. People who can afford it, happily, can probably afford insurance.

    Oh sorry, its netrider. I should say something like "Thats a somewhat indelicately phrased proposition, dearest friend".
  5. Why is that I wonder?? Because the same applies with cars a lot of the times also.
  6. I've seen a Desmosedici on Chapel St a few times, outside a cafe.
  7. i think it's something more along the lines of people with the money, tend to have the sense not to thrash it in visible/well travelled areas, more than lack of skill or desire :p
  8. I dunno mate I see more posers on *insert jap sportbike name here* than on anything else :)
  9. KTM Superdukes ??
  10. As much as I hate poser's on any bike, i think everyone has been a bit quick to jump the gun and say this guy/girl with the 1098R can't ride due to huge chicken strips. Not claiming to know a lot about bikes compared to most on this site, but has anyone considered IF the bike is brand new, the tires are still been scrubbed in, and the motor is still been run in??
  11. Im with you Bamm Bamm, only a truely die hard Ducati fan would lay out 60 gorilla's for a bike like that.

    Most posers would have enough money for the factory race replica leathers and matching helmet as sell as the bike :)

  12. I tend to think of a 60 gorilla bike in terms of it being 4x15 gorilla bikes....
  13. If you could ride well enough to push something like that to its limits you wouldn't be paying for it - instead Ducati would be paying you to race one.

    Buying one simply to pose makes more sense than paying 60k for a chopper with a 50m turning circle.
  14. Has anyone considered the idea that this rider is obviously all over the bike & so far off the bike that he/she doesn't even need to to lean the bike to corner at warp speed? :wink: I'm talking knees, elbows & helmet down!

    Clearly a case of superior weight distribution, not posing.
  15. of course KTM's are to Japan what BMW are to Mongolia :p
  16. Probably because *insert jap sportbike* is all most wankers can readily afford.

    It takes a special class of wanker to drop $60K on a bike, and then proceed to not even ride it to within 1/100th of what it was designed for.
  17. Maybe he just wants to be able to shift by feel.
  18. Geez, you guys are rich. Extremely judgemental and you have not even seen the bloke/sheila ride.

    I`d actually put money on the fact that my 64 year old father could outride every single one of you. Lighten up and just enjoy a beatiful motorcycle.


    Remember, jealousy is a curse.
  19. But its fun
  20. Don't need to see a guy ride to know that 4cm wide chicken strips means that the guy isn't riding the bike as intended.