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look who I stumbled across today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. right outside my office :cool:


  2. wow, is that caz :LOL: :p
  3. yeah it looks like her!

    reckon its shooped?
  4. Another happy Yamaha customer? :wink:
  5. I don't get it, did you catch a graffiti artist?
  6. Isn't that a penis on the wall behind?
  7. Ha ha ha. Graffiti photobomb.
  8. nice one Carol !

    Looks like an imposter to me !
    The mole is 5mm too high on the cheek !
  9. This man is a serial pest. He jumps into photos every chance he gets and no-one knows who he is. :mad:
    Here's a photo of me and Shelley taken when this mystery attention seeker shoved himself between us.
    Police are currently looking for him after he snuck his way into the St. Kilda station to have his mug included with suspect mug shots. If anyone knows his identity or whereabouts they should contact local authorities.
  10. Why is he so tanned? Is he real? :p
  11. maybe its a cardboard cut-out?

    apparently he is also wanted for many counts of speeding and been involved in a number of high speed chases.

    caz.. awesome pics hey.. was he out on his m109?
  12. Trying to get his face in the speed camera shots i suspect. :wink:
  13. Seany, you are significantly more handsome than that bloke.
  14. :LOL: yeah he's a serial pest, he photo bombed Jadey & myself at the same expo Seany... and then photo bombed a whole line of people who just wanted to have a happy snap with their partners :p
  15. I feel like a n00b asking, but who is that?
  16. chris v. aussie riding motogp susuki :wink: i think his mole is gone from what i noticed :shock:
  17. Thats Vermeulen? I always thought he had longer hair... and a helmet on his head... :p
  18. [​IMG]
  19. You probably didn't recognise him without that flatbrimmed hat on:

    Caz, I hope you apologised for bumping into him?!